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A great contribution to the Czech Republic. These is the great architectural work of the leading representative of functionalism in our country, Adolf Benš (1894 - 1982).

Czech Architects: Adolf Benš Stands Behind Design Plans of Diviš´ Villa as well as Terminal 3

Mgr. Jana Höger
30.Jan 2019
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Diviš´ Villa

During his relatively long life, Adolf Benš managed to create and design a lot of projects. He focused at public space, exhibition pavilions and urban planning. Not only was he immersed in his work, but he also taught future generations of artists as professor of the University of Applied Arts. At one point, he was also engaged there as rector.

Diviš´ Villa, Prague
 The building of Electrical Enterprises of the Capital City of Prague
Prague Airport

A clear attitude toward architecture and the world as such

He was esteemed by his pupils and also the general public for his approach to work. In its projects, designs and studies we can find a clear reference to French architect La Curbusier. In the years 1925 - 1940 he works in his own atelier, where he designs his most famous Functionalist buildings. What are these?

Architectural monuments to his glory

The most prominent is the building of Electrical Enterprises of the Capital City of Prague (1935), with abbreviation of EP, Departure Hall of Prague Ruzyně International Airport (1937), his own villa in Prague 6 - Dejvice, Diviš´ villa in Prague - Troja. All his villas are typical for their being anchored in a steep slope.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

The building of EP is remarkable in many respects. 

The entire building is composed of two wings, a north one, with a ´rolling stock yard´ served to EP division, the southern one to energy division. The building was fitted with American air conditioning; in the basement you would find a spa for the staff, within its six floors are then situated commercial premises. Actually, there is a first time-lapse movie about the construction, which captures the course of construction, from demolishing of the old production plants on the plot up to furnishing of the interior. 

Terminal 3: in its time the most modern one in the whole of Europe

A significant achievement was also his winning design of the then new Ruzyně airport terminal. The jury was impressed by the bold concept of the departure hall with reinforced concrete construction, glass-concrete arches and striking, effective glazed control tower. The construction was the most modern one in the whole of Europe. It now serves small private aircraft (Terminal 3).

The artist who opposed "Stalin´s baroque", was very true to functionalist ideas from artistic point of view, without any political burdens. He was also awarded Order of the Crown which he received from the Belgian King, Albert. Of the Order of the Crown was awarded for services rendered to the Kingdom of Belgium, especially for merit in the public sector.

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