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A summer song that will make you dance.

Cristovao and Mišík sing about their mothers. Did your mom give you the same advice? Ben's fans don't share the enthusiasm

Ing. Petra Zelená
06.Aug 2020
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2 minutes
Ke spolupráci na songu Máma říkala byl přizván Ben Cristovao.

Who would have expected this cooperation? Ben Cristovao stroke a bargain with Adam Mišík, who represents the new Hills 97 project, and quite surprisingly, they released a song about their mother together. The last time such a daring act was performed by the group Lunetic, which used to rock the music charts with the song Máma (Mom). Will Ben and Adam be just as successful with their summer anthem?

Ke spolupráci na songu Máma říkala byl přizván Ben Cristovao.
Zpěvák kompletně změnil image.
Adam Mišík a Enthic v projektu Hills 97.

The new Hills 97 project is a brainchild of Adam Mišík and the young talented producer Enthic. The group was formed very spontaneously and is full of positive energy and summer vibes. By the way, the English name has a deeper subtext.

"Hills are a dream place for us, a place we're climbing to. A place where your dreams can come true, but at the same time you can experience nightmares. 97 is the year of our birth, so it's Hills 97,"

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

explains Adam, who has obviously decided for a change after years of a moderately successful solo career in music.

The first swallow is the song Máma říkala (Mama said), and Mišík was smart enough to invite his more successful colleague Ben Cristovao to cooperate on it.

"We immediately thought of him. He has a unique flow that was perfect for the song, so we've had him connected with the track from the beginning. We're so glad he went for it! I've played it for him in his car for the first time, and that one listening was enough for him to say he'd go for it and if we could record it that evening,"

rejoices the singer, who completely changed his image for the new project. Although Ben was immediately excited about the song, fascinated by the good song at first, other people were far less enthusiastic and their opinions on his cooperation with Mišík varied.

"I had all kinds of feedback on this collaboration before we even started working on it. But that only got me even more interested in the project. I enjoy proving people that things may not be as they'd originally thought. Since I met Adam on a whirlwind big city adventure, he's come a long way, and I have the feeling he's going to make it big with Enthic,"

explains Ben, who, together with Mišík, looks back to his mother's parental advice in the song.

"My mom told me, it's time you found yourself a girl and got out, take off those headphones and start chasing your dreams,"

goes the chorus that their fans immediately started to sing along with. The anticipated video had ten thousand views in just a few hours!

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