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Get the luxury offroad at the Reykjavik airport you have booked from the Czech Republic and the breathtaking dream journey through the almost intact and a bare countryside may begin. Welcome to Iceland!

Criss-cross Iceland

Eva Ledecká
10.Mar 2018
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Kaskády Dynjandifoss

Forget the touristically notorious Golden Ring, as experienced by most spoilt tourists. Set off along the dirt roads, along the coast and deep into the country. Go where you will not meet a living soul for whole days. Only in this way can you experience the charm of this unique island! 

One of the routes, to get to know what Iceland really has to offer goes north of Reykjavik, along the coast. You will drive past dried-up lava fields from which steam is rising continuously. You will have the chance to enjoy the views of the deep fjords, visit places with hot springs and you should not miss the most beautiful waterfalls of the western fjords, Dynjandifoss cascades.

Mysterious island of fire and ice

The greatest tourist attraction of the north is the area of Mÿvatn and especially the peak of Námafjall which offers the most wonderful view of the volcanic landscape. Not far away leads the difficult journey to the biggest European Dettifos waterfalls.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

Head from Mÿvatn across the island to the south. You will drive past the largest European iceberg, Vatnajökull. Get ready for a challenging journey where a personal vehicle has no chance. Not only does the path turn into dust, moreover, you drive through rivers and uneven terrain.

In the south of the island you are awaited by the main attraction of Iceland: the Strokkur geyser, massive waterfall Skógaffos and Rainbow Mountains, whose incredible beauty will literally take your breath away!

Points of interest in Iceland

There is no place in the world like Iceland. Just two houses placed a kilometer apart are considered to be a village. Majority of the land is in private ownership. Although it is almost impossible to grow anything on the hard volcanic soil, Iceland is, due to the heated greenhouses one of the largest growers of bananas! The island is home to wild horses and even though it is surrounded by the sea, you can buy sardines from Poland at a local shop.

You probably won´t find out what does the currency actually look like: you pay everywhere by card! A completely common scene here is a unlocked car, parked in front of a shop, with keys left in the engine: they are not afraid of thieves in Iceland!

And if you have a feeling that there is someone after you, don't worry. That will probably be the local trolls; legends about them are spread around the entire island. We wish you beautiful experiences in Iceland!

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