Crème de la Crème Bars! Maldives, London, New York.

If you have a nudging feeling that you must visit places you have never even dreamed of and you know them only from hearsay, we are bringing you three 3 tips to be added to your wish list. Better to live than miss out and be sorry!
13.Jul 2018
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Interesting charm of the underwater world, Subsix in Maldives

This place is mind-blowing after the very first couple of steps. It will immerse you in its sea depths. You will be welcomed by abstract Italian luxury chandeliers looking like corals. The interiors are graced with seashells, the bar is filled with magnificent natural elements and cutting-edge furniture. Everything is arranged so as to instigate feeling of the ocean and reefs all around. Try for example the jasmine cocktail which will surprise you by a hint of jasmine in combination with fine aromatic gin and bitter sweet Campari with a touch of fresh lemon.

Arranged in blue tones - Blue Bar in New York

It won its world-wide fame right at the beginning, in 1933. It is a very popular place to draw fresh energy and relax. One of the luxury iconic bars in Times Square in New York. How about a Martini? And not just any! The martini here, named Diamond Bader & Garrin, may be enjoyed at an incredible price of USD 15,000. Wait until you find out what it contains, you will go weak at the knees. The luxurious drink is accompanied by diamonds by jeweller Bader & Garrin. The Blue Bar could be summed up by the text of the famous song Blue is Good!

We will head to London´s Rumpus Room

What might be tempting to you here is the new and innovative design of the bar, put together by designer Jacu Strauss. The bar is located on the 12th floor. It offers an incredible view of the London skyline and the River Thames - all at your feet. Imagine that you are sitting in the luxurious interior, in a plush seat, the sky painted in pink tufts of clouds and in your hand you are holding the elixir of youth. We cannot guarantee youth, but R.I.N is a luxurious elixir, made of celery and absinth drops, citrus fruits, rice, tea and apple juice. Luxury!

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha 1 - Staré Město
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha 1 - Staré Město, Praha 1
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