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Does freedom of creation and freedom as such even exist? We present you an artistic couple that creates from the unique moment "now".

Creation from pure being: the abstraction of Ordo Amoris and Štěpán Vrzala

Eva Ledecká
17.Dec 2018
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Her real name is Ivana Sucháčová (artistic name is Ordo Amoris), she is an abstract painter working in Prague, with her second home in Asia. She experiments with the theme of freedom in her work, which she considers to be the essence of the primary source, the creation of all being.

Her work is influenced by thoughts that go beyond the boundaries of common knowledge and the ordinary vision and understanding of the world.

The power of the pure moment now

The artist focuses on shifting the boundaries of ordinary thinking, where consciousness in its most prolific state creates no matter what the mind was taught to think. By ignoring the patterns of thought and behavior, the absolute vigilance of one's own free being is formed, which creates from its own essence from every new moment "NOW".

"It's not cognition, because its attribute is to refer to the old. It is the opening of deep intelligence in the novelty or the authenticity of a unique moment," says Ordo Amoris.

Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m
Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m, Praha 4

The free state of mind of Štěpán Vrzala

Ordo Amoris travels and creates art with her partner Štěpán Vrzala. This abstract artist creates during his travels and reflects the "free state of mind" way of life in his work.

As he himself says, "I'm not inspired," he prefers to let the natural flow of creativity flow without any effort, in a pure moment present in the lightness of conscious waking being.

Paintings in museums as well as in a designer apartment in Prague

The second home of both artists is Asia – Thailand and Bali. Their paintings created during their travels are exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art MAIIAM in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and in the Tita Gallery, Mae Rim, Thailand.

At present, they have created a collection of paintings for a spacious designer apartment in the very center of Prague. The works can be seen and purchased during the entire period of the tours by directly contacting the artists.

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