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Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week and the Adam Kost FW19 collection

Craziness galore? Adam Kost and his shapeless down jackets in a flood of mustard

Ornella Koktová
26.Mar 2019
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Adam Kost FW19

Adam Kost already demonstrated in his last SS19 show that he wasn’t afraid of colors and wouldn’t hesitate to use sweet pink for the men's wardrobe. His choice fell on mustard and gray this time. Was it the right choice, though? Will it hold up in the eyes of the male population? It was Ornella Koktová’s turn to shine light on the models of Adam Kost’s current collection!

Fashion weeks are known for bringing extraordinary models...

Here, designers are not afraid to breathe life into their fantasies. But does it always go well?

The Adam Kost Autumn/Winter 2019 fashion show was one big disappointment for me. I like men's fashion. And I know very well that even a suit can be turned into something amazing. Adam Kosta's show unfortunately wasn't that case. Prepare your handkerchiefs, this will hurt.

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

An unexpected flood of mustard

Sitting in the front row, I found myself staring in horror at the endless flood of mustard color. For example, those mustard trousers combined with a rainbow-colored shirt, leather gloves and finger socks. It was literally abhorrent! Not to mention that this type of clothing turns men into freaks, so I was just waiting for the model to pull out a bloody machete with a shovel...

I managed to find the winning model after all

The only model I liked was one that consisted of an orange oversize sweater with a leopard-like pattern and yellow trousers. When I wish away those funny socks, it was a nice outfit. Ideal for a weekend coffee in the sun.

The next time, say NO to purple

The mustard color blended into a flood of gray, and the best came last. Big surprise: a down coat in purple! This is a shade I’d really prefer to see in a women's collection. A nuthouse on wheels. And what came at the very end? A terrified Adam Kost running up and down the catwalk, eyes like saucers, as if someone had shot him with a scattergun. Put a little life (and self-confidence) into the dying, dude!

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