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Have you until recently also rejoiced when you received with your favourite printed magazine a gift sealed in transparent film? Now we look at it in a completely different way: we say STOP to unnecessary packaging!

Cover story: Without cover

Eva Ledecká
03.Aug 2018
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Look around you. How many things with which we come into daily contact are made of plastic? Breakfast porridge oats are in plastic packaging. Lunches are delivered in disposable boxes that fly into the bin after consumption of the content. On the way from our evening shopping we look forward to our favourite bun perhaps without noticing that the plastic sachet was swept up by the wind. 

The oceans annually absorb more than 8 million tonnes of plastic that makes up to 80% of the waste in the seas. If we continue to produce plastics at this rate, according to some estimates in a couple of years there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

By purchasing a thing we grant our consent to its manufacture. Do we seriously so desperately need the plastic flip flops that are every summer sealed in with the issue of our favourite fashion magazine? 

Luxury Prague Life promotes Waste Free lifestyle by being in an online form, because there is no waste in digital world!

We say STOP to unnecessary packaging and plastics in our lives! In our articles we note the abundance of waste that we produce every day and plastics which became an important part of our lives. But they are seriously so irreplaceable?

We tried the Waste Free lifestyle ourselves and came up with 7 items - out of many - that you could perhaps give up. We have mapped out for you the world of fashion and found the luxury fashion houses whose current collections use plastics, even as the main material. We have interviewed one of the most controversial personalities of the Czech Republic, Ornella Koktová, that "without any wrappings" expresses her views, and not just about fashion, but also about overproduction of plastic packaging.

Everyone may contribute to the improvement of the environment. To start with little things and find own lifestyle which will be greener, but in which we will still feel comfortable, is possible.

"We live in a time when a man significantly influences the conditions for life on the planet Earth. Mankind is powerful, can it also be wise?"

- Erazim Kohák, Czech philosopher and publicist

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