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Cover story: Breaking up at Christmas

Eva Ledecká
12.Dec 2018
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foto: Jiří Urban, model: Kateřina Niklová, coat Brunello Cucinelli, handbag D&G

It’s Christmas!

The bells are ringing, people are baking Christmas biscuits, happy people are smiling at us on the streets....But we looked at Christmas from a different angle. Do you think that the lady with the shopping bag was buying gifts for Christmas?

Maybe she has just broken up with her partner and she is lifting her spirits by buying herself something. What would you do if someone broke up with you at Christmas?

Breaking up instead of getting gifts

Breaking up hurts, especially when it happens at Christmas. In the beginning you don’t understand why this happened to you, what did you do wrong? You can’t believe it. When you start to feel despondent gather your wits and remember a quote by the famous Dale Carnegie:

“Remember that happiness is not about who you are, what you have or what you do. It’s about what you think.”

We at Luxury Prague Life try to remain optimistic and look for the good side in things, even if they are very bad. Have you ever realised that you can actually find 10 advantages to breaking up at Christmas? And that there are at least 5 good reasons why you should delay a potential break up at Christmas in order to feel better, even when you don’t know where to turn.

Everything bad can be turned into something good and if something beautiful ends, it could be considered the beginning of something new and even more beautiful!

Take your life into your own hands and try to think positively!

Winston Churchill once said:

“A pessimist sees the difficult in every opportunity. An optimist see the opportunity in every difficulty.”

If this year has not met your expectations and you are still single, no one has asked you to marry them (or your chosen partner did not say YES), or you are unsuccessfully trying to add to your family, don’t be sad. Look at how many positive things and experiences 2018 has brought you. You have managed to travel a long way towards fulfilling your dream and there is still have some way to go!

And finally we give you one more quote by Dale Carnegie, which should become a motto not only for the New Year, but for your whole life:

 “Draw strength from positive things and don’t waste it by concentrating on negative issues!”

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