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On February 14th the whole world celebrates love. The beloved and despised Valentine’s Day is upon us!

Cover Story: Anti-Valentine – NO to love on demand!

Eva Ledecká
30.Jan 2019
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The first of May has always been celebrated as the day of love here in the Czech Republic. There have been many changes since the revolution. Not only have we seen an influx of new luxury goods from abroad, but also new customs. Valentine’s Day is one of them.

And we say: Keep it to yourselves!

Ornella Koktová, Anti-Valentine
Ornella Koktová, Anti-Valentine
Ornella Koktová, Anti-Valentine

It is celebrated not just in Europe and the USA, but even in Asia, South America and the Pacific Islands. But protests are appearing in various corners of the world. People are getting upset and revolting against it:

“Let’s quit celebrating a business-based holiday!”

People are inventing and promoting anti-valentine’s campaigns. Some of them feature a chainsaw, others made do with sarcasm that pierces straight through the heart.

Along with Christmas, Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays most exploited by manufacturer, retailers and marketing experts. They do it around the world and with enormous success. Displays are flooded with crimson hearts, products are labelled with “With Love” stickers and they sell like hotcakes.

Brands and companies vie in offering Valentine’s Day discounts. People buy the strangest things that would never occur to them on any other day of the year!

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

But love can’t be bought and it doesn’t need St. Valentine...

A Valentine’s Day dinner won’t convince any woman that she’s the only one for you. Buying a Valentine’s Day bouquet won’t salvage the remains of your relationship. If you love each other with all your differences (see the article Love across various nationalities: What to look out for if your partner isn’t Czech!), you don’t need Valentine’s Day. If your relationship is in ruins, there is nothing left to do, and an artificial Valentine’s heart won’t fix it. It reminds us of a verse from the legendary love ballad What Is Love:

I don't know why you're not fair
I give you my love, but you don't care...

(Haddaway – What Is Love)

We express the importance of Valentine’s Day with the following words:

Love won’t leave us if we give up Valentine’s Day. If we give up Love, no Valentine will bring it back! 




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