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Empty theatres and broke actors

The coronavirus through the eyes of celebrities: What does Bouček, Burešová or Rolins think?

12.Mar 2020
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Divadla zrušila všechna představení

The closure of theaters and the ban of large cultural events for more than 100 people is a hard blow for many Czech celebrities, especially actors and singers. Some have already given free rein to their emotions, others don't worry too much about the dangerous coronavirus. And they are even heading abroad.

Most actors or singers are experiencing disappointment because they haven't lost only the opportunity to perform, but most of them also their main livelihood. When theaters are not in operation, they don't play dramas or musicals and the actors get no salaries.

"I feel bad for all my colleagues and, honestly, even for myself. So many canceled performances. Such losses that some theaters won't survive. You know, actors aren't as rich as most people believe. In fact, they are ordinary people who work from morning to night, drive all over the country to perform and come home late at night,"

Jana Bernášková let her thoughts be heard.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou - Praha 4
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou - Praha 4, Praha 4

The star of the series Slunečná Eva Burešová wrote in a long post on her Instagram, highlighting that this can be a problem for a great number of actors, because they have mortgages and families. And she also doesn't understand why the public sometimes turns against them. "I think we all understand what the risk is and why everything had to be banned. But I regret how it turns against artists and how people start to insult and mock them. And I also fully understand that these artists are complaining on their profiles or feel miserable about it all," wrote Eva Burešová.

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Eva Burešová
Eva BurešováSource: Instagram E. Burešové

Probably the most emotional and angry message came from Jan Hrušínský, the principal of the Na Jezerce Theater. He even perceives the government's strict measures to restrict cultural performances as a personal attack on himself and his theater.

"It's a liquidation of the Na Jezerce Theater! A disposal of all the inconvenient. Destruction of small, functioning businesses. Today, Prime Minister Bureš and this guy who holds the post of Minister of Health announced a ban on theatrical performances due to 38 sick people with symptoms of light flu. Even in such small theaters as the Na Jezerce Theater, where we bought and use disinfection and adhere to all hygiene principles," wrote the enraged actor on a social network and proceeded to criticize the steps taken by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. He also made a remark about his cooperation with the StB. Not surprisingly, many of his fans didn't understand such an exaggerated reaction and they didn't hesitate to let him know.

Some remain calm

But there are also celebrities who don't worry about coronavirus. For example, singer Kamila Nývltová isn't panicking at all and she's even planning to tour Europe. She's not afraid of the coronavirus yet.

"Of course I am aware of it and I'm following the situation. But I'm not really feeling it. In my opinion, one doesn't feel it until it directly affects his closest environment,"

said Nývltová to

Dara Rolins has a similar opinion. "My dear ones. So I'm back in my traditional weekend mode. Jumping from the plane directly into my car, from sneakers into boots, and it's off to the Tatras for a change," she boasted on Instagram after returning from the US. Even there, the coronavirus is beginning to spread wide and far.

The host Libor Bouček took a very sober attitude toward the situation. "This is how it is. It's not hysteria, but an adequate process, given the situation. All of us are counting losses, without exception. I think that the turbulence of the whole event, the inconsistency of many of us and frivolity could catch up with us", he wrote on his Instagram.

Hundreds of infected are expected

The coronavirus began to spread very quickly in the Czech Republic, only on Tuesday there were 25 new cases and more are being reported. We can already expect the ban on events to last several weeks. In addition, epidemiologist and Deputy Health Minister Roman Prymula said he predicts between 300 and 400 cases of infection by the end of this week.

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