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Panic is also spreading in the Czech Republic

Coronavirus in the Czech Republic: Hoarding of supplies, traffic restrictions and closed shops

Karolína Lišková
26.Feb 2020
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Koronavirus je novým strašákem lidstva.

Every minute, new reports keep coming from various corners of the world about the rising number of the infected as well as those who succumbed to the frightening virus that had spread around the globe from China. Italy has recently become another outbreak site. However, danger is looming everywhere due to the freedom of movement. That's why people are starting to panic. In Italy and now also in the Czech Republic, people are preparing for the worst and buying out entire stocks of face masks, respirators and disinfectants, as well as food supplies.

According to experts, it is a matter of hours before the first infection appears in our small basin. Six people have already been quarantined in Bulovka.


"My boyfriend ordered me to put together a list of groceries we were going to buy in case we had to be quarantined, or in case the shops closed. What's happening is terrifying. My colleagues at work told me stores are already full of people and that food is disappearing fast,"

a young woman who was anxiously preparing a list of things she didn't want to have missing at home said to

Luxusní penthous na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthous na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

The shelves with pasta, canned food and rice stores are obviously beginning to empty rapidly.

"That's right, people have started to stock up, but so far we're managing to refill,"

said Tesco spokesman Václav Koukolíček.

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Obchody zatím stíhají doplňovat zásoby.
Obchody zatím stíhají doplňovat zásoby. Source: Pixabay

Economic pandemic

Pharmacies report that they have run out of antibacterial gels as well as face masks. Panic is spreading. The economists are sounding the alarm, calling the situation an "economic pandemic" because, together with China, four of the 12 largest economies in the world are currently battling the virus. The economies of Italy and Japan were hit by an economic downturn already at the end of last year, and the coronavirus could contribute to them sinking into recession. Same as in other countries, the fight against contagion means quarantine in multiple cities and traffic restrictions. People are limiting their social activities and many places are beginning to look like "ghost towns".

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V italském Miláně obchody zejí prý prázdnotou.
V italském Miláně obchody zejí prý prázdnotou. Source: Pixabay


Doctors are even issuing a so-called travel history for people returning from trips to countries where the numbers of the infected are the highest. It is because even if someone has returned without symptoms of the disease, they may still have the virus. The incubation period is two weeks and in the meantime, potential patients are asymptomatic, but may be infecting others. However, very few heed the recommendation to stay at home without coming in contact with anyone else. On the contrary, those who at least wore a mask or a respirator during the flight, take it off at Ruzyně and merrily rush to work, attend family celebrations and so on.

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Lékárny hlásí nedostatek roušek i respirátorů.
Lékárny hlásí nedostatek roušek i respirátorů. Source: Pixabay

Therefore, the best prevention is to follow the principles of good hygiene - always wash your hands with soap, do not stay too long in places with a higher concentration of people and when you have to, use a respirator. In the case of symptoms such as fever and cough, immediately inform your doctor, but do not visit him using public transport.

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