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Due to the coronavirus, prevention is now a priority

The coronavirus affects shipments! offers express shipping

25.Mar 2020
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V době koronaviru roste zájem o doručování zásilek.

Courier and shipping companies have their hands full these days. Because of the strict measures, closed shops and thousands of quarantined people, sending mail is often the only way to purchase or transport important things. One of the top companies offering quality express service with a significant discount in these trying times is ShipEx. In comparison with other couriers, customers can save up to 80 percent.

In the time of the coronavirus, all shipping companies place highest priority on strict preventive and hygienic measures to minimize the risk of further spread of the disease. The main aim is to ensure minimal contact between the courier and the intended recipient.

What are currently the main priorities?

The recipient's signature is not required for delivery.

Physical contact between the courier and the recipient is kept to a minimum.

Depots and dispensing points are temporarily suspended.

The health of all workers is regularly monitored.

All premises are equipped with suitable disinfectants.

The shipping company also complies with these rules and is currently experiencing increased demand for shipment. It delivers not only in the Czech Republic but worldwide, the only exception being areas that have strict restrictions due to quarantine measures. Would you like to send a package abroad and don't know how? On ShipEx's website, you can easily find essential information about each country, including a list of all countries where international shipments are delivered.

ShipEx.czSource: iStock/ provides express transport of all kinds of shipments - from letters through parcels to pallets. One advantage is that you can pick up shipment expressly on the same day you've ordered the service, or have it delivered the next day. In addition, customers save up to 80% compared to regular couriers.

Until April 16, 2020, a 15% discount on all shipments can be applied. All you have to do is enter the code COVID-19 in the note on the order form.

Luxusní byt na prodej Smíchov - Praha 5 - 94m
Luxusní byt na prodej Smíchov - Praha 5 - 94m, Praha 5

Should you be afraid you might contract the coronavirus?

Many people are wondering if the coronavirus can be transmitted through a package. It is not completely out of question, because the virus can survive on surfaces, but experts consider it highly unlikely. Droplets are the main way of spreading the virus, and contactless delivery eliminates this risk. Should you have concerns regarding the coronavirus, you can disinfect the package after delivery.

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