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Lack of protective equipment and little money

Confession of a first-line rescue worker: The government spits in our faces!

Karolína Lišková
30.Apr 2020
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Zdravotníci v první linii bojují s nedostatkem zdravotních prostředků.

For several weeks now, the whole republic has been relying on the work of doctors, nurses and paramedics. They work around the clock, putting their own health at stake. People across the country are trying to help them out, whether by making protective medical devices such as face masks, respirators or shields, or by delivering free food. But those who should be helping them the most are miserably failing...

A paramedic from Jihlava, Miroslav Vácha, wasn't able to withstand the hypocrisy of our politicians any longer and decided to express his feelings on a social network, paying special attention to accurately describing the current situation in his region.

He describes that he and his colleagues are protecting themselves from the coronavirus by raincoats with short sleeves reaching to their elbows, which they have to disinfect themselves after use, or by one-off overalls that rupture easily, in addition to only covering half of their thighs. "But the official news is that we have all the protective equipment we need," he writes with irony.

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Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

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Miroslav Vácha.
Miroslav Vácha. Source: Facebook M. Váchy

More money? Not a chance!

Although politicians are pretty much bowing to the commitment and tireless work of rescue workers on TV, when employees ask for a bonus, they're allegedly out of luck.

"The official answer of the Governor of the Vysočina Region, loosely quoted: Thank you for your work, we appreciate it very much, and we won't give you any money, because we are buying protective equipment,"

informs Vácha, adding that those who hand over patients with a suspected covid-19 infection to the doctors in Jihlava, are indeed wrapped in protective gear from head to toe.

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Vácha děkuje lidem za doručení štítů.
Vácha děkuje lidem za doručení štítů. Source: Facebook M. Váchy

A face mask is not a muzzle

According to Vácha, these paramedics with maximum protection have a bonus of CZK 1,000 per hour in addition to their salary. Therefore, the healthcare professional wonders why people who come into contact with such patients first, while wearing insufficient protection, cannot get a pay rise.

"You tell yourself: I'm at greater risk, I'm less protected than the people with huge bonuses, we should be able to agree on some form of compensation. But the answer is: No, thank you for your work, keep doing it."

Of course, he also ponders the fact that when he comes home to his family in the evening, he has no idea if he's not bringing a couple of germs from work in addition to fatigue...

Although Vácha understands that it's very difficult to finance everything, he has to wonder about the absurdity of the purchases by the Ministry of Health.

"They're buying up to 20 times overpriced respirators from companies in execution without employees or from sponsors of the ANO movement and cannot provide an explanation for their purchases. In light of these facts, a "thank you for your work" seems to me more like a spit in the face. A face mask is not a muzzle,"

the angry healthcare worker finishes his post that has received a lot of support on Facebook from other healthcare professionals as well as ordinary people from the public.

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