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The latest collection of Cartier luxury jewellery has arrived!

The colours of the world in luxurious Cartier Coloratura jewels

Dominika Žejdl
23.Sep 2018
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Cartier and collection COLORATURA

Cartier jewels are among the most luxurious that can be purchased in the world of gems. They are unique, exceptional and above all stylish. The same is true of the luxurious Coloratura collection, which present astonishing coloured gemstones and intermingle and complement each other. Will this extravagant style appeal to you? 

Perfectly complementary colourful gemstones

The COLORATURA collection introduces special luxury jewels with original craftsmanship. The COLORATURA HIGH JEWELLERY collection features 240 exceptional pieces, which will awaken your sensuality, provocation and love for precious gemstones. The entire range celebrates lively colours and artistic culture. It combines the past, present and future, and the resulting jewel looks like a genuine treasure with countless intense shades representing India, Africa or Japan.

Every piece in the collection is a unique work of art

The luxurious jewels from Cartier’s COLORATURA collection are reminiscent or incredible works of art. Any woman who receives such a gem must be touched, because it must surely become a collector’s item. The series contains necklaces as well as complete sets inspired by a particular culture or colour. For instance, one necklace was inspired by the lanterns used during Asian ceremonies, and every stone in the piece was hand-cut.

What’s more, Cartier also revealed an extraordinary set of jewels with coloured stones inspired by the 20th Century. It combines black and green using tourmalines, green opals and black onyx.

Luxusní mezonetový byt na pronájem v Pařížské
Luxusní mezonetový byt na pronájem v Pařížské, Praha 1

“The Coloratura High Jewellery collection presents global diversity, underscoring Cartier’s vision of style,” said a representative of Maison Cartier during the presentation.

As already mentioned, the collection examines the relationships between past and present, cultures and generations. The result is a serious of various styles, colours and crafts with all the diversity of the world reflected in the broad colour palette.

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