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This Italian artist, who is well-known on all continents, but has spent most of her life in Alaska, enriches the world with her entertaining works of art, which can be seen in world-class galleries and in public areas.

Colourful bears and a donkey on a boat: Artist Paola Pivi entertains the world

Eva Ledecká
24.Mar 2018
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Paola Pivi

Paola Pivi, a very talented and creative woman, was born in Milan in Italy in 1971.When she was young she had no idea that her deluxe works would be exhibited in the most prestigious galleries in the world. How did she deserve such interest from the public and art critics?

Unexpected combinations in deluxe pieces of work

In her work Paola Pivi uses a wide range of artistic techniques, such as photography, sculpture and specific types of performance. She enjoys creating improbable situations, provides viewers with unexpected experiences and loves experiments. She has photographed donkeys on a small boat, zebras in the snowy mountains and ostriches on a walk by the Mediterranean sea for example.

She creates work that originates from existing ordinary materials and live beings, but creates very exceptional situations and a deluxe mysterious environment through unusual combinations.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

Confrontation of contradictory properties

Paola Pivi likes to create ambiguous and frequently contradictory feelings – she places heaviness against lightness, gentleness against force, warmth against cold, gravity against absurdity and uniqueness against ordinariness. As is usual in her exhibitions, interpretation of her works is not clear-cut. Viewers can therefore expect a powerful visual surprise and a journey into an unusual, absurd, bizarre and extravagant world.

Colourful bears

One of her best-known works is the deluxe statues of bears made from small coloured feathers, for which she probably found inspiration in Alaska. These cute and entertaining bears have found a place in many galleries and are also a deluxe interior decoration.

Paola Pivi currently lives with her husband and adoptive son in Delhi in India.

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