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The enormous luxury mansion was built in Florida in a style inspired by the passion of the owners for French architecture. They didn’t resist any whim.

The colossal palace: Modern Versailles is the 4th most expensive piece of property in the USA.

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19.Feb 2019
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Palace of the Siegel's family in Florida

The story begins in France...

The 8 children family of David and Jacqueline Siegel visited the beautiful chateau in the city Versailles in Paris and fell in love with at first sight. The palace, which as a symbol of absolute monarchy is considered to be a an extraordinary jewel of the French royal family. The king Louis XIV., also known as the ‘Sun king’ built the palace. The sun was considered to be the centre of the universe, which was also the thought behind colossal architecture. They decided to carry this notion into the house of their dreams. So far, they’ve been building it for 15 years. They date of completion is yet unknown.

France taken across to the USA. What does that mean?

The house lies on an unbelievable 27 432 m², and that is only the family residence. This is not including the area for security or the tennis court. The house is still not finished, there are still new areas being built for leisure. Gratifying the children’s wishes, there will be a bowling alley, an ice-rink in the villa, and two cinemas. One of the cinemas was inspired by the Paris opera.

The ‘Palace’ has apart from its 32 rooms, also 11 separate kitchens, a few inner and outer pools, a number of private wine cellars with 20 000 bottles, and a fitness centre with spa with an area of 3000 m². There is an elevator that takes the couple to the main bedroom.

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m, Okolí Prahy

It’s main feature will take your breath away!

The most extraordinary element of the fashion house Versailles is without doubt the beautiful and majestic cupola in the dance hall. The decoration of this exquisite structure is so rich, that it could compete with Fabergé eggs. The grandiosely designed ceiling with colourful inlaid glass cost half a million dollars.

Not even an aquarium with sharks will be missing

The married couple is thinking of installing an aquarium with sharks or jellyfish in the private luxury residence.

Maybe even Louis XIV. would be jealous!

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