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Before the parties, they spend hours with make-up artists, hairdressers, and dress up in luxury dresses of renowned fashion designers. But what does it look when the stars go for a walk on the colonnade in their free time?

The colonnade fashion: What does it look like when stars take a break from a party at Karlovy Vary?

Martina Šmalclová
06.Jul 2019
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3 minutes
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Dagmar Havlová

Come with us to see the casual outfits of Dagmar Havlová, Vlaďka Erbová, Nikola Uhlířová, Martin Hoffman, Martin Dejdar, Inna Puhajková, Kate Matl, Tatana Makarenko, Dana Morávková and Petr Malásek, Iveta Vítová, Markéta Častvaj (born Plánková) and Jitka Schneiderová.

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Martina Šmalclová
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Dagmar Havlová and Nikol Uhlířová: Hit the yellow

The First Lady of the Czech Republic chose a beautiful shirt dress in the shade of blue for a walk on the colonnade and chose a yellow purse over her shoulder. If she could get a hold of an iron, the result would be perfect, so she earned a tiny BUT.

The shiny outfit of Nikola Uhlířová is absolutely flawless. Pleated dress is a great choice for hot summer days and we praise the chosen accessories. This is how the beauty queen should look!

Martin Hoffman is number one, Martin Dejdar did not shine with his shirt

We are impressed by the charismatic Martin Hoffman's look, mainly because we still have him connected with the tasteless Luďan of Most. Few men reach for their shirt and shoes even outside of parties, and we appreciate it all the more!

As you can see, Martin Dejdar prefers comfort, and that is not bad at all. Denim shorts, white shirt and sneakers give a pleasant impression. But what we can't forgive Martin is the pulled out shirt. Put it in and it's perfect!

Femme fatales Vlaďka Erbová, Inna Puhajková and Kate Matl

What do the beauties have in common? For an evening drink they set out in luxury models that looked great! Inna Puhajková pleased us with beautiful purple trousers combined with black, Kate Matl with her chic lurex and Vlaďka Erbová with her minimalism, in which she looked utterly divine.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

(UN)tiedTaťána Makarenko

The wrap dress that Tatyana brought to the red carpet is a beautiful thing, the shoes she put on them we're not so excited about. Not only does it have to be awfully uncomfortable, but it also has non-aesthetic cuts on the thighs.

Dana Morávková and Petr Malásek: A misstep

Dana and Petr are nice guys everywhere, but when it comes to fashion, they can also be a hit or miss. The dress that the actress wore is just playful, but our choices of accessories would be vastly different. In the case of Petr Malásek, there is basically nothing wrong, but it does not match together anyway. Where was the mistake?

Iveta Vítová and Markéta Častvaj: Less is more

Next time we recommend Iveta Vítová to choose between stylish sandals and polka-dotted skirt. The combination of both adds her unnecessary years, which she certainly doesn't need.

Markéta Častvaj put on a simple black jumpsuit that flatters her figure. But what the actress disappointed us is with the makeup that didn't fit her! Red lips and dark make-up eyes are totally unsuitable for such porcelain skin.

Jitka Schneiderová: No comment

We do not dare to judge Jitka Schneiderová's look this time. At all parties she is a brilliant star who has her outfit thought out every time. Dressing up once in a while in a chilled out way is perfectly fine in her case!

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

It is easy to shine on the red carpet, but how do our stars do without the spotlights, without the help of stylists and make-up artists? In short, the nature of reality is what you will learn right now.

Porcelain girl Dagmar Havlová

I can't help it, but Dagmar reminds me here of her young self from the movie "Girls from the Crockery Shop", where almost the whole movie she wore a white cloak resembling an oversized shirt. Although this version is blue, it is ideal for leisure time in the hot summer. In addition, combining the model and injuring the foot in this way is admirable!

Dress: 75% Makeup (more like glasses here) and Hair: 90 %

Spa cat Martin Hoffman

A big surprise for me is Mr. Hoffman. I am very excited that there are men among us who know what to wear and how to put it all together. I really appreciate the matching of shoes and belt. However, the baseball cap in hand!!! Perhaps he "just" held it for a friend from next door.

Suit: 80 %

(UN)tied Taťána Makarenko

Unfortunately, this didn't work out. This year, although a variety of sandals with longer fastening are in, these wannabe summer boots will also make a slim women with a perfect figure look like a “sausage lady”. Nobody puts this into your wardrobe. Literally a fashion fiasco! And the dress? Unreal boredom…

Model: 20 % Makeup (more like glasses here) and Hair: 40 %

The taste of Dana Morávková and Petr Malásek

This pair is known to be one of those who match. Dana has a good taste and she enjoys fashion. This time, however, she may have suffered from a heat stroke because I have no other explanation. How can anyone put together a dark blue dress with meringues, BLACK slippers and mostly brown purse?! This is really hell and I hope that next time Dana will stick to her usual line. And the husband? Gently decorated shirts and dark jeans I accept. But scuffed shoes with a bag over their shoulder I cannot.

Overall impression: 10 % Make-up & Hair: 40 %

Elegant Markéta Častvaj

One of the few actresses who really cares about choosing clothes. She could excuse herself for having children, too much work, or a garden near the house. But when she wants, everything can work. Dark blue jumpsuit with perfectly matching mani and pedi are simply perfection. Fine jewellery is just right and perfectly go together with a slightly wavy hairstyle. A compliment from me!

Dress: 75 % Make-up & Hair: 77 %

Ornella Koktová
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