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The ecologically minded duo of German designers, the two sisters known as Felder Felder, presented a carbon dress inspired by the style of BMW at Fashion Week in London in September.

BMW and the designers Felder Felder: unique carbon collection

Eva Ledecká
11.Oct 2016
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BMW and carbon dress by Felder Felder

In doing so, the indirectly gave their support to BMW electric vehicles, using the carbon fibre also used by BMW for its electric plug-in hybrid vehicles for their design. Both brands are thus supporting a responsible approach to the environment.

BMW and carbon dress by Felder Felder
BMW and carbon dress by Felder Felder
BMW and carbon dress by Felder Felder

Carbon fibre on the catwalk for the first time

Production of this unique and luxury dress took 100 hours. It might not look like it at first glance, but this futuristic looking dress is made from material which is much lighter and more pleasant to the touch than materials which are normally used to make clothes. Felder Felder are particularly enthusiastic about the unique structure and carbon look which lends the dress an air of exclusivity.

This is the very first time that carbon fibre has made an appearance on the catwalk as a material for production of clothing. The musical style of rock and roll is reflected throughout the whole of this unique luxury collection and the designs have a shiny metallic look.

Luxusní byt Staré Město 165m
Luxusní byt Staré Město 165m, Praha 1

With this collection, the innovative and imaginative duo Felder Felder are celebrating ten years of collaboration. The aim of their collaboration is creation of sustainable and environmentally responsible collections. The collection with an electrical theme represents the second time the fashion designers Felder Felder have collaborated with the BMW brand.

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