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Cigars have always been associated with luxury and successful men who in the past predominantly indulged in this pleasure on important occasions.

Cohiba Behike: the most expensive cigars in the world

Ivana Růžičková
03.Oct 2016
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Doutníky Cohiba Behike

Despite the fact that there is no longer any shortage of cigars and that there are copious amounts of them on the market, the Cohiba Behike brand offers true luxury and an exceptional flavour.

Luxury Cuban Cohiba cigars rank among the most famous and highest quality cigars in the world with their precise manufacturing and the handiwork involved. The selected tobacco used is grown on plantations in Cuba and the leaves used are subject to strict quality control. Quality and smoothness is ensured through triple fermentation and the precision rolling work of Cuban women. Production of these cigars is strictly controlled to ensure preservation of the original procedures. This is why the Cohiba brand is regarded as the most prestigious on the market.

The unique nature of Cohiba Behike cigars

All cigars of the Cohiba brand meet the above-mentioned criteria, but the Cohiba Behike BHK range is the most exclusive of all. Limited production and the very highest quality Medio Tiempo tobacco give these cigars a unique flavour and characteristics. Individual leaves are carefully selected and their quality also depends on the climatic conditions in the region. Cohiba Behike are of course precision made by hand. These luxury cigars are without a doubt the most highly guarded of all.

Luxusní byt 1+kk na prodej s terasou Praha
Luxusní byt 1+kk na prodej s terasou Praha, Praha 5

Luxury packaging

The exclusivity of this product can be seen at first glance and uniqueness is not only to be found on the inside. These cigars are packed in a luxury box made from the very best materials to maintain the correct humidity. The wooden box with a certificate of authenticity is packed in soft black velvet. After removing the protective bag, you will immediately be impressed by the highly polished and elegant box with a minimalist design and absolutely precise workmanship.

The ideal thing for connoisseurs

Elegance, excellence and quality is a proven tradition of long standing and this is why this brand simply cannot disappoint you. Indulge yourself in this unique gratification, for example with a glass of high quality cognac and enjoy the unique flavour and aroma of exclusive Cohiba Behike cigars.


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