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Stylish and sustainable coconut fashion.

Coconut can be worn just as well as eaten! An innovative material Malai is on the market

Martina Šmalclová
16.Nov 2018
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Luxurious shoes made of Malai

Pineapples alternate with coconuts

Recently we brought you an article about the LUCIELA TASCHEN brand, which produces pineapple handbags. We noticed another innovative material at Designblok – Malai. It is based on bacterial cellulose grown from coconut water and natural fibers and follows the latest trends – sustainable and eco-friendly. Where does the journey of luxury handbags and shoes start?

Everything happens in India

The production process is started on coconut plantations in southern India, where a large amount of "waste" coconut water is found. This occurs after removing the white pulp from the ripe fruit. Normally this "waste" water would be released into the drainage system, which would cause water pollution and soil acidification. Thanks to the production of the Malai material, however, it finds further application.

First jelly, then a handbag?!

Fermentation is a key phase of production. When making the material, it is necessary to put coconut water into beakers and sterilize it. Then nature will take care of the production! The fermentation takes 12-14 days and a mass similar to "jelly" is formed at the end of it.

The big finale: We're perfecting!

The material then undergoes an improvement process in which it is enriched with natural fibers and resin for greater durability and strength. Subsequently, Malai is formed into plates of different thicknesses and textures or shaped into 3D structures. At the end it is allowed to dry in the open air and soften with appropriate treatment. You can find the entire production process in our gallery.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

The brands TON, LEEDA or KAZETO already know about Malai

Malai is a hot new trend that designers are slowly and surely becoming familiar with. Nevertheless, it is already represented in the Czech Republic. It is used by one of the world's oldest manufacturers of luxury bent-wood furniture, TON. The traditional Czech manufacturer KAZETO exhibited several prototypes of briefcases, hat boxes and interior boxes from Malai at Designblok 2018. And the Czech fashion label LEEDA, founded 15 years ago, also uses Malai to produce its luxury designs.

100% natural

Malai is currently offered in a matte, semi-glossy and glossy finish. Also, the coatings are fully biodegradable and are either water or oil based. The luxurious innovative material is available in natural tones of cream, brown or light yellow, as well as shades of khaki, indigo or dark gray.

Without allergies and in harmony with nature

Why choose Malai? What are its benefits? The material is in full harmony with nature, water-resistant, hypo-allergenic and, moreover, is a biologically sustainable alternative to luxurious leather.

So the next time someone asks you about material that is friendly both to you and nature, don’t forget...Malai!

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