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The coronavirus pandemic helped create a phenomenon.

Clubhouse: An elite social network that hit the jackpot

Lukáš Bilinec
29.Jan 2021
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Žena s chytrým telefonem iPhoneX

The Clubhouse social network first appeared in the spring of last year. But it's only recently that it experienced a real boom when its beta version made it to Europe. So far, it is only available for iPhone owners, an Android version should be out in 3 to 6 months, according to the latest information. Creators Paul Davison and Rohan Seth (Alpha Exploration Co.) must be patting each other's backs. Their investor base is growing, and while the project's market value was estimated at $ 100 million in December, a few days ago it exceeded one billion dollars (roughly 21.5 billion crowns). Have you received an invitation yet?

The record holder in the Czech Republic is Dominik Feri

Clubhouse offered a brilliant cocktail full of ingredients that started a social avalanche. Solely for iPhone users, invitation-only, in the company of many interesting people (in the first days, the application was downloaded by celebrities such as Petr Mára, Marek Prchal, Tomáš Čupr, Janek Rubeš, Anna Šulcová, Jirka Král, Nikola Čechová, or Kazma in the Czech Republic). The phenomenon of FOMO (Fear of missing out) has manifested itself in all its beauty with this voice social network. The invitations, of which each user receives two after signing up, were selling for $ 200 in the United States. In our country, their price has climbed to hundreds of crowns on the Bazoš auction server.

But it's not the only way to get on the social network. However, due to the fact that many users resell their invitations, not many people know that. If any of your phone contacts use Clubhouse, they can confirm you after you've registered. You will become a Clubhouse user and they won't lose their invitations. At present, the number of Czech users is growing extremely fast. It's not precisely known, but it can be estimated quite well from the growing numbers of the most-watched Czech profiles. The current record holder is Dominik Feri, who also holds second place among Czech Instagram users. Leoš Mareš has not yet discovered the magic of Clubhouse...

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Dominik Feri na sociální síti Clubhouse
Dominik Feri na sociální síti ClubhouseSource: Clubhouse app

How does it work?

After logging in to the application, you choose your interests and get the opportunity to follow people you're interested in or those you know personally. Following is very important here because according to it, the main page shows you rooms to which you can connect and start talking. Users with the permission to talk in a room, the so-called speakers, are either the people who created the room or those who received the right to speak from the creators and moderators. You can sign up for this option by pressing a button. This way, many people get a unique opportunity to talk not only with their friends, but also with famous personalities they'd wanted to approach for a long time.

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Hlavní stránka Clubhouse
Hlavní stránka ClubhouseSource: Clubhouse app

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Clubhouse Růmka
Clubhouse RůmkaSource: Clubhouse app

Pilsner Urquell has already discovered the application

It is the presence of interesting personalities from various fields, whether it is marketing and top management, social networks or show business, that makes Clubhouse so attractive. Every day you can catch dozens of inspiring personalities or celebrities in many thematically diverse rooms. You'll have the opportunity to talk to many of them.

"It's nice that the time we live in and the current situation can find new ways. People lack socialization, and this can certainly be another way to sate the hunger. What possibilities for the music business may be in it, only time can tell,"

Lukáš Rychtařík, the head of the Championship Music record label, who also has a profile on Clubhouse, told LP-Life. One of the performers signed under his label is singer Ben Cristovao.

Jakub Mařík, an influencer marketing consultant, had an interesting view on influencers and brands on this new voice social network to share:

"I believe that Clubhouse can become one of the social networks that bets on the possibility of direct financial support for creators, authors and moderators of discussions. Probably in the form of subscriptions and donations. I see a lot of ways for brands to enter this social network. There will certainly be rooms on topics defined by a brand and moderated by experts or collaborating influencers. There are many possibilities and given the high concentration of marketing people who started to discover Clubhouse as one of the first, it won't take long before they offer it to their clients."

His words were confirmed very quickly when Pilsner Urquell appeared on the social network Clubhouse yesterday, on Thursday, January 28, in connection with Janek Rubeš.

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Pilsner Urquell a Janek Rubeš
Pilsner Urquell a Janek RubešSource: Clubhouse app


That's very uncertain. Clubhouse will have to focus on retaining interesting personalities that bring it extreme traffic. It's difficult to predict further developments and estimate whether Clubhouse will survive in its current form or be replaced by a successful "copypaste" from social network giants or buyers. Jakub Mařík also commented on this question:

"I've noticed that Twitter is trying to copy the principle Clubhouse is based on. It's possible that Facebook and Instagram will try to do the same. At the moment, it's hard to say if they'll succeed, just like they managed to snuff out Snapchat in the Czech environment, or if the new network will thrive like TikTok. There are many variables. But I believe that at the very least, one of the bigger players will try to buy Clubhouse very soon and we'll see if its authors decide to sell it or refuse the offer."

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