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A luxurious infinity pool that overlooks Södermalm and the Baltic Sea. Would you also be delighted if you could bathe in a pool that cfeatures a modern alternative solution?

City Innovation – the Stockholm project lies behind your imagination

Mgr. Jana Höger
28.Aug 2017
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Project Stockholm - neverending swimming pool

The introduction of a luxury project and its merging with the Baltic Sea

This unprecedented project in Stockholm was born in the UMA studio that is named after Ulf Mejergren Architects. The purpose of the project is to highlight the beauty of the city in a new way and to use the urban areas and the public spaces to attract curious sports enthusiasts and thereby prove that it is possible to work with modern elements in both architecture and design and at the same time, to have a view of the seafront. Södermalm is in the northern part of Stockholm and it has some of the best views in the city. The clear view of the Baltic Sea will certainly make a luxurious and impressive backdrop for swimming or for other sports. Try to imagine that you are standing at the edge of the pool and looking at the open sea. Then, when you are actually immersed in the water, you will certainly be sure that you are in it.

The design foresees the creation of a few hundred-metre-long narrow public pool, which will be created along the elevated pavement above the road that runs through the relatively busy Södermalm district that is also called "Slussen".

Building foundation

It is planned that the supporting foundation will be made as a repeating structure of steel brackets that are bolted to the subsoil in sequence. The pool module will be made of concrete and it should then be lifted onto the steel brackets using a crane and then secured there.

Luxusní byt Praha 7 - 570m
Luxusní byt Praha 7 - 570m, Praha 7

Stockholm's endless pool would then draw its pool water from the Baltic Sea through small-scale water treatment plants. Changing rooms, showers and saunas would be located beneath the pool, so that the street-level view will be unobstructed. In winter, when the water level drops, the area could also be used for skating. Is that not a luxurious idea??

It's all in the stars

So far, neither the local government nor UMA has announced when or whether the project will actually be approved. But this project and the city's improvement conceptare really luxurious. What do you think of them?


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