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People contributed to her journey

The Cinderella Story: Her trip to the Crossfit World Cup was paid by people on Facebook!

Karolína Lišková
13.Sep 2019
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Sometime when she was twenty-five, she realized that she would not be a fragile girl, she started to practice a sport called crossfit, with even a lot of guys fail. After five years of hard training, she entered the World Cup in America and with 86 kilos of snatch, 107 kilos in clean and jerk, 141 kilos in the back squat and 125 kilos in the front squat, Soňa Karásková got there. As the first Czech. But she had no money to travel or stay...

So the joy and euphoria of qualifying lasted only a few moments. “I was actually sad in the end, because to be honest I have nothing saved up. I have my gym, but I am indebted for the rest of my life. I have nothing to save from,”confided to Soňa said that she does not cry often, but this she did. She didn't even have a crown.

Friends worth all the money

As they say, you know a friend in need. "What if people put money together for it," one of the friends said once. So, with the help of the HitHit website, Soňa tried to create a project where people would send money and get her across the sea. Cooperation did not work out.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

"They kept sending it back telling me that I was missing a comma or dot or I don't know what, so I gave up and wrote an honest Facebook article that I don't have a crown and who wants to help me help me,”

said Karásková, adding that hundreds of people shared the post in a moment. Enough was picked in three weeks. She could go.

“I was embarrassed, after all I was begging for money, but within a while the money began to land. At that moment, after five years of doing crossfit, I realized that people probably liked me and they were cheering for me and wanted to help me.”

Soňa smiles today, admitting that she was most pleased with this finding.

A dream come true

It was a dream come true for Karásková, although she was not satisfied with the result. She placed 86th. Out of 150 competitors. Though she believed, her body betrayed her. The result for her personally was disappointing. She does not mind, but hopes to qualify again next year. Although she has nothing to save, she believes that some sponsor will notice her that will believe in her, just like the crossfit fans, who regularly practice with her in the Crossfit with us gym.

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