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The Velká Chuchle racecourse has undergone major changes.

Chuchle Arena Prague under the baton of the Víteks: a 270-million crown reconstruction

Kateřina Ostrejšová
12.Jan 2021
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Žokej při závodě s klisnou Sašou

One of the iconic places of horse racing in the Czech Republic, the history of which dates back to 1906, has undergone major changes in recent years. The racing arena has got a new coat - its name and logo have changed. Mr. and Mrs. Radovan and Marie Vítek, who own the Chuchle Arena Prague, have decided to bring culture and art to the complex as well. Last year in June, a steel statue of a shark, made by the well-known Czech artist and academic sculptor Michal Gabriel, was unveiled.

Under the management of the Víteks

The racing arena has been owned by Radovan Vítek, the second richest Czech, for three years now. He bought the racetrack in 2017 as a Christmas present for his wife Marie.

"In Velká Chuchle, the last three years have been in the spirit of radical changes in all aspects, not only in regard to construction and renovation. After taking over the complex, we found out that the situation is, unfortunately, very poor and in many cases even disastrous. The stables, but also the grandstand itself were in a state of emergency. The training areas were not satisfactory either. For that reason, the overall modernization of the complex is at the same time the most fundamental change,"

said Marie Vítková, the owner of Chuchle Arena Prague.

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Marie Vítková předává cenu vítězi.
Marie Vítková předává cenu vítězi. Source: archiv Marie Vítkové

From Velká Chuchle to Chuchle Arena Prague

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Naplněný stadion Chuchle Arény.
Naplněný stadion Chuchle Arény. Source:

Last year, Velká Chuchle became Chuchle Arena Prague and a new logo was introduced. It features a horse's head and a reference to the establishment of the racetrack in 1906. The new visual style will gradually be reflected not only in the building materials used for the racecourse but in the whole area itself. The color blue is typical for equestrian sports. It is a royal color and horses are still strongly connected with aristocratic families. The color gold adds a final touch of elegance.

The 277-million crown investment

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Místnost pro média v areálu.
Místnost pro média v areálu. Source:

During the last two years, Chuchle Arena Prague has undergone huge changes in the outdoor areas, as well as in the interiors. The biggest investment was the construction of a modern showjumping area, which serves competitors on a national as well as international level. Locker rooms for jockeys, the weighing room, and sports stables were repaired next.

New restaurant and hotel rooms

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Derby Club v areálu.
Derby Club v areálu. Source:

New lounges for race visitors were prepared for last season. During the winter of 2019, the hotel rooms were completed after the reconstruction of the original accommodation part of the complex. The new design rooms now serve the riders, but also those who want to experience unusual accommodation. In addition, stables and facilities for competitors, such as locker rooms for jockeys and racing scales, were reconstructed.

"The main restaurant and public toilets were repaired, the offer of refreshments available during races was expanded, and a children's park with many attractions, including pony rides for small children, was built. In record time, we managed to build modern design hotel rooms in the main grandstand instead of the former hostel for the socially disadvantaged,"

stated the owner of the complex.

Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha
Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha, Praha 5

Steel shark as the most dominant feature

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Socha ocelového žraloka.
Socha ocelového žraloka.Source:

Art is undoubtedly an important part of the sports and social life in the area. Chuchle Arena Prague aims to constantly surprise and enrich its visitors. Recently, it's been decorated with a statue of a steel shark, which is supposed to be a symbol of strength and courage.

Busy schedule

This year has provided the arena with a busy racing schedule, too. In the first half of the season, 6 racing days and 5 showjumping events took place. These occurred primarily in the summer part of the season.

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Závody České Derby.
Závody České Derby. Source:

"We've hosted a number of top-class showjumping events. Out of the most interesting ones, for example, the Czech Championship for Children and Juniors, or Czech Jumping Cup are worth mentioning. And the CSIO3* Prague Cup, organized together with the Czech Equestrian Team, was definitely the icing on the cake. I'm glad that Velká Chuchle is alive again! Our schedule was truly busy this year. The visitors are returning to us, they like us, support us, and that's what makes me the happiest. We've received so many beautiful and positive reactions not only from our visitors but also from horse owners and jockeys. It motivates us and the whole team in Chuchle to work really hard,"

adds Marie Vítková.

However, the absolute peak of the racing season came in September, when the Czech Derby took place. It was the 100th anniversary of this race at the Chuchle Arena racecourse.

Equestrian academy for children

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Jezdkyně na parkurovém závodě.
Jezdkyně na parkurovém závodě. Source:

Does your child want to ride a horse, but hasn't had a chance to try yet? Chuchle Arena Prague has opened the Equestrian Academy, through which it offers individual lessons adapted to experience and age. Getting the horse ready for riding and after-ride care under the supervision of an instructor are also included in the curriculum.

One individual lesson for advanced students costs 800 CZK, a lesson for beginners is 700 CZK.

New managing director

After 3 years of acting as the managing director, Martin Pecka says goodbye to the racecourse in Velká Chuchle. Pecka is leaving the position due to personal reasons and in agreement with the owners. His successor has not been named yet.

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