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The old Prague restaurants have their own unmistakable charm. Instead of sushi or an Italian menu, visit a good old Czech pub during the Christmas holidays.

Christmas in the Old Prague Restaurants

Eva Ledecká
05.Dec 2017
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U Fleků

You might not find the modern interior or decorations from renowned designers; the chandeliers are certainly not made of crystal and often the only thing that’s polished are beer glasses. Usually there’s no background music – but instead, you might run into an accordionist.

However, these places are always full and you will often be out of luck without a reservation. This is due to the unique atmosphere of the old times and pubs which retain, except for minor refurbishments, their original form.

The pubs in Prague are well known all around the world. And these are precisely where you’ll see tourists flocking to. These pubs are unique – and if you’re thinking about the right place to go to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere before Christmas, consider visiting one of the following historical Prague restaurants.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Pivovar U Fleků

A luxurious old Bohemian restaurant which also brews its own beer and a Czech national treasure – with tables always full, at least during the weekends. Their own beer is well known and the same goes for their excellent Czech cuisine. This restaurant and beerhouse has been in business for more than 500 years and a visit is always an unforgettable experience.

U Pinkasů

In Nové Město, near Jungmanovo náměstí, you’ll find an old Bohemian restaurant which dates back to 1843. Its well-delivered Pillsner Urquell beer on tap made it a sought-after business even among various prominent personalities – such as Voskovec and Werich, Bohumil Hrabal and actor Zdeněk Šzěpánek. František Palacký, Josef Jungmann, T. G. Massaryk and his son Jan.

Historic brewery hotel U Medvídků

The restaurant was founded in 1466 and it was also the first cabaret in Prague. Last century, this original brewery was transformed into one of the largest beerhouses in Prague.

U Glaubiců

U Glaubiců is a restaurant located right next to the St. Nicholas cathedral on Malostranské náměstí near Charles Bridge. The beerhouse was founded by brewer Lukáš and in 1665 the building was purchased by Bartoloměj Glaubic from Bučina, which led to the foundation of the U Glaubiců restaurant. The restaurant was closed in 1984 due to required repairs of the building; it reopened in 1998.

The restaurant is closed on Christmas Eve. However, you can meet your friends during the advent or celebrate New Year’s Eve here.

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U Fleků
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