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At Christmas, people all over the world drink the beverage called Coca-Cola. In our country, Kofola is the most popular. Every year, these two companies fight to get under our skin, I mean, into our stomachs. Or is it different?

Christmas in the Czech Republic: Kofola versus Coca-Cola

Mgr. Jana Höger
28.Nov 2018
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Christmas without sipping Coca-Cola? Not a chance!

Coca-Cola has become a legend in America that has not lost its taste even after so many years and is inherently linked to Christmas time. Fun fact: even American astronauts have asserted that they simply need to have it in space, and they know why! This captivating taste is due to coca extracts and nuts. The bubbly effect is achieved by carbon dioxide. And the secret ingredient? Could it be cinnamon, coriander, caramel, vanilla?

Czech Kofola
Kofola advertising

When you see the red decorated truck you know that Christmas is here!

Coca-Cola has been produced since 1886 as a sweet brown beverage with caffeine and coca extract. Did you know it was originally sold in pharmacies? Then mass production followed, and now this drink is also linked to unmistakable magic of Christmas. The first tones of the well-known jingle of the classic Coca-Cola branded red truck remind us of Christmas time, family and hidden secrets under the tree.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

The Czech phenomenon Kofola, which we as Czechs are proud of!

We would not be Czechs if we didn’t react! If you enjoy good food, gourmet eating and peaceful digestion, our Kofola cannot be missing! And why is it so captivating? Its recipe was tested for a long time before the finished product came out in 1960. Zdeněk Blažek, who was responsible for the production of this non-alcoholic beverage, is the man behind everything. A remarkable variant of Coca-Cola's American drink emerged, which was not available at the time. And Czechoslovak Kofola tastes great!

"If you love her, there is nothing to worry about."

Not only does it smell beautiful, and the bubbles jokingly tickle the nose, but the taste! From the pharmaceutical point of view, Jaroslav Knap is responsible for the Kofola syrup. A symphony of flavors unravels on the tongue, pleasantly sweet, tasty and smelling of licorice. This naturally promotes digestion, and is useful at the time of feasting. Since 2002, Kofola has led a successful media campaign to showcase its products. Who wouldn’t know the witty Christmas commercial: "No, no, I can already see it."

Which one do you prefer and who will win this Christmas? Will it be the American Coca-Cola or our luxurious Kofola?

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