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The French Christian Lacroix fashion house offers luxurious accessories for interiors, which then become dream-like areas under the guidance of the world-renowned fashion designer.

Christian Lacroix: Welcome to the World of Fantastic Interiors!

Eva Ledecká
15.Aug 2017
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Luxurious interiors by Christian Lacroix

Interior accessories of the Christian Lacroix fashion house is characterized by living colors, a baroque inspiration, non-traditional motives; they can add new energy to any room. 

The fashion brand originated in 1987 and is based on a mixture of Hispanic and French culture. Its unique tapestry motives, various decorations, pillows and tableware is also influenced by theatre and a number of these fashionable luxurious products also serve as stage items at theatres.

Luxurious products by Christian Lacroix are created by the brand’s new creative director, Sacha Walckhoff, and its new creative direction is a continuous work-in-progress. Since this is a French brand and Christian Locroix comes from Arles, Provence, its luxurious products are underscored with French charm, elegance and passion.

Nontraditional motives and a plethora of colors

Each room in the house, each corner can be elevated to a new level. Smooth and luxurious pillows on unique colorful benches will make the living room shine. The unique porcelain tableware with nontraditional animal motives such as lions or giraffes will make dining an extraordinary experience. The terrace, hall or children’s room can become a garden full of color. Expressive tapestries will become an integral part of your home’s perfect and original furnishing, all in unique colors.

Loftové byty v Praze 400m
Loftové byty v Praze 400m, Praha 6

The magical world of Christian Lacroix

Welcome to the world of Christian Lacroix, a magical world full of small detail which together form a luxurious whole! Our gallery will allow you to visit unique premises which you wouldn’t expect even in your deepest imagination. The Christian Lacroix fashion house creates all of this nonchalantly; they are a natural expression of the brand itself.

Christian Lacroix fashion products are sold all over the world; aside from interior decorations this also includes luxurious men’s collections, leather accessories and purses, dresses, jewelry, watches and unique perfume. Finally, the Christian Lacroix fashion house also makes unique paper products and mobile accessories.

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Christian Lacroix
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