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If you can ride a horse, then you will definitely find our recommendation for a deluxe holiday in the saddle of a horse in the Czech Republic interesting. We present Chřiby and stylish accommodation in Zikmundov.

Chřiby: the home of beautiful horses and an excellent place for relaxing

Eva Ledecká
20.Mar 2018
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Holidays on horses

An elegant body, a thick mane and a piercing gaze. No, we are not talking about an irresistible girl, but about the horse, the most beautiful of all animals to be created by God. Or that is how people who have managed to establish a close relationship with horses see them. Riding a horse gives you a feeling of freedom, which is enhanced by the view of the beautiful landscape.

Enjoy the freedom of riding and observe the beauty around you

Chřiby is a small range of mountains to the east of Brno with an amazing landscape and wonderful historic monuments, such as Buchlovice chateau.
The landscape is typical for its beautiful forests, which are intersected by streams. You can find springs, deep valleys and look-out towers offering unforgettably deluxe views here. And if you add the truly stylish and unique accommodation, then you can truly believe you are in seventh heaven!

Our tip for deluxe accommodation: Zikmundov

Slow down, stop stressing about having to do something and breathe in the nature. Be in charge of your time! Zikmundov is a deluxe place in beautiful surroundings, where you will truly be able to relax. You can admire the unique design of the modern and timeless interiors, the hand sewn wallpaper, the cement tiles, the large windows with amazing views, and you can be a part of all this.

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

Don’t worry about anything, simply enjoy!

Enjoy the first-class homemade food, mostly cooked using local ingredients, take a class in barbequing or making goat’s cheese or have a deluxe picnic basket prepared. Do you feel like a little wellness? What about Nordic style? Walk through the dew and then warm your feet in the wood-heated barrel! Better than an overpriced hotel spa.

You can ride the beautiful horses from the stable next door. Absolute contentment, undisturbed peace and a connection with nature – but this is what you expect from a holiday isn’t it? You don’t have to travel past our borders, the Czech Republic has a lot to offer!

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