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Indulge in an ecological house deep in the jungles of Bali. The luxurious Chameleon Villa is singular in how it merges with nature. A rare find for those who appreciate modern design, privacy and luxury.

Chameleon Villa: What is it like to live in the jungle in Bali?

Mgr. Jana Höger
18.Sep 2018
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Vila Chameleon

The Chameleon Villa is located in Buwit, a village in the south-west coastal region of Bali. The modern residence on an area of 3600 m² offers luxurious views of the lush tropical rainforest, river and surrounding landscape.

Fantasy unchecked. Modern architecture in harmony with the jungle.

This luxurious house is the work of architects from the Word of Mouth company. It uses natural motifs, the surrounding vegetation and all the force of the landscape, the steep terrain and interspatial areas to create a rectangular building that merges with the topography of the land.

While respecting Balinese architecture, they added some principles of modern living, including a huge outdoor multifunctional pavilion. The common areas in the villa are airy and open. The private areas, which are preferably kept separate, can be closed off. The main building consists of two floors. There are 5 bedrooms with 7 beds, full 6 bathrooms, a 20 metre pool, a study and library, a media room, kitchen various gardens, a workshop and garage.

Vegetation all around and on the roof

An attractive feature is the hidden roof, which is covered in vegetation. This has several useful aspects: it cools the building, assimilates beautifully with nature and collects raindrops. The overall look is very earthy, organic and ecological. Speaking of the environmental factor, the Chameleon Villa has a built-in solar penal, maxes maximum use of green plants and features wood in the interior. The rainwater drainage system serves to water the gardens and other areas.

Luxusní byt na pronájem Praha 1 - Staré Město
Luxusní byt na pronájem Praha 1 - Staré Město, Praha 1

If you are searching for an oasis of peace and tranquillity, you can visit the Chameleon Villa. One night will cost you 650 dollars. The house is fully serviced with a butler, cook, maid, gardener, pool technician and even a driver upon request. A luxurious paradise indeed.

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Vila Chameleon
Buwit, Gang Golok, Banjar Kelakahan Gede, Kediri - Tabanan 82818, Bali - Indonesia
0859 3700 8968 / 0859 459 1059 4