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To find yourself in the environment of the magic Chambord château is a fairytale in itself. What beauty and secrets does it conceal? For which fairytale did it serve as inspiration?

Chambord: The Largest Hunting Château in the World Beaing Signature of Leonardo da Vinci

Mgr. Jana Höger
31.Aug 2018
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The luxurious Château of Chambord: here, life had to be royally luxurious!

The Château of Chambord is situated about 14 km east of the French town of Blois. It was built on the site of a small hunting lodge of House of Blois, from whom it was bought in 1498 by Louis XII of France, Duke of Orléans. However, the greatest credit for its appearance belongs to Francis I of France, who had it rebuilt in the 16th century to a largest hunting lodge. Chambord is proof of unique work, the peak of Renaissance architecture and one of the jewels of cultural heritage as a whole.

The most notable thing, admired by all, is the wonderful scenery with a luxurious castle game reserve, where you can see deer and wild boars. Inside the château you will be able to admire by an extensive collection of paintings, grand furniture and even a theatre. Overall, the château has over 426 rooms, 365 chimneys and an incredible number of 77 staircases. The most notable monumental staircase consisting of two interwoven spirals was probably designed by Leonardo da Vinci. The impressive luxurious construction with its many chimneys and spires has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1983.

Do you feel that you have perhaps already seen the Chambord Château somewhere?

Yes, you are right. The château served as inspiration for Disney´s animated film Beauty and the Beast. The theme of this famous adaptation draws from an old French fairytale and it is clear in advance where one should search for the seat of the enchanted prince.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Which famous names are connected with the history of the luxury château´s inhabitants?

The castle became a favourite of Louis XIV, Stanislaw Leszczynski, Napoleon Bonaparte, L.A. Bermier, playwright Molière, Maurice was Duke and later Elector of Saxony.

It is said that when you visit Chambord, in a few hours you explore half a millennium of French history. You will definitely not forget this experience.

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