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Maison et Objet is a place of endless inspiration that will caress your senses, reveal the secrets of supernatural objects and shocking designs. What did it surprise us with this year?

This chair will scan your body and give you the massage of your dreams!

Simona Deutou
24.Jan 2020
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2 minutes
Masážní křeslo LBF-750 od značky BODYFRIEND

Every year, the luxury lifestyle exhibition brings many surprises. It takes place in the capital of lights, Paris, where designers and artists from all over the world present their skills. If you're looking for inspiration for interior or exterior, you won't be disappointed. You can look forward to luxury furnishings as well as unique accessories for your home, hotel, restaurant, office or salon.

A Lamborghini that will bring you to ecstasy!

The company BODYFRIEND is a newcomer to the exhibition, and they surprised in the best conceivable manner. The Korean brand teamed up with top medical experts to create premium massage chairs made of luxurious materials that promise to extend our lives. They introduced a meditation program, accompanied by a relaxing massage, and a luxury Lamborghini in the form of a massage chair. The chair is available in multiple colors and Lamborghini enthusiasts will definitely come into their own. All the details, the overhaul of the leather and the lighting effects are identical to the luxury sports cars. Each product exhibits exceptional design excellence combined with a first-class user experience. Those who've tried to receive a massage in the BODYFRIEND chair unanimously agree that it's on par with a classic, well-executed massage. The chair scans your body and proceeds to massage it from your neck through the back, hands and buttocks to your feet. An amazing experience! BODYFRIEND has a network of stores around the world and satisfied customers include all ages and nationalities, as well as celebrities and top athletes.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

The extravagant brand KARE aims to seduce you with its elegance and Bohemian style!

One of the most popular exhibits of the exhibition. People were flocking here in crowds and the atmosphere was fantastic! You were greeted by a huge golden King Kong, with dance music was playing in the cocktail bar. KARE really impressed everyone! The brand has been on the market since 1981, gaining fans all over the world. You can even find their stores in Prague or Bratislava! The 2020 collection is full of warm and pastel colors, with gold underlining the uniqueness. You'll find here creative paintings, reflective accesories in the form of mirrors, a glowing rabbit, retro elements, bohemian elegance, rustic style, romanticism, brilliance in colors, industrialism, illumination... Simply put, KARE produces art that can bring every space the right flair. Bravo!

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Doplňky do interiéru značky KARE
Doplňky do interiéru značky KARESource: LP-life

Creativ Light will warm your heart!

Creativ Lights is a company that will attract you by the uniqueness of the individual accessories. You'll be drawn closer by the pleasant atmosphere and energy radiating from this place. The company's designer is Mr. Holdenried, an extremely pleasant man who talks about his work with passion. Holdenried pays great attention to precision and ensures that each piece is meticulously manufactured into the tiniest details. Interestingly, he has the decorative items, furniture and lighting manufactured directly in Asia by the means of traditional methods.

His philosophy is to maintain the traditional production process and provide work to those who really need it. An example of this is furniture made from banana directly in the Philippines. Production through this method is really best handled in the place where it originated. Creativ Lights has been on the market for 25 years and can boast with customers from all over the world. Even the Prince of Qatar shops here.

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Doplňky do interiéru značky Creativ Light
Doplňky do interiéru značky Creativ LightSource: LP-life

Maison et Objet, it's been an honor, see you in September.

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