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The Červená Lhota chateau is becoming ever more popular. It is the third most-visited castle in the Czech Republic.

Červená Lhota as a Castle on Water with a Fairytale Hallmark

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18.Feb 2019
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One cannot overlook the luxurious building of Červená Lhota. It is the only structure in the area with such typical red façade. It is located between the cities of Tábor and Jindřichův Hradec. The picturesque environment, the setting in a beautiful natural spot, the water surface spreading around the castle in which its silhouette is reflected as if beckons you for a visit. Seeing it for the first time leaves a lasting impression on everyone!

Červená Lhota
The bird's view

Historic piece of interest - the château as you don´t know it

The château originally didn´t bear its current name. In the beginning it was not considered to be a château, but rather a stronghold called Jenczenslag and had a white colour. Later on, it was called Lhota, Nová Lhota or Kábova Lhota. The current Červená Lhota appeared as a local name only at the end of the 16th century. In this century the stronghold was rebuilt into a château of magnificent Renaissance style.

A fairytale setting

In addition to the legendary musical fairytale of Goldilocks from 1973, where Petr Štěpánek as Prince George fought for the hand of Jorga Kotrbová as Goldilocks, other fairytales were shot here, such as the Lost Princess, About Beauty and Good Fortune or Princess and the Pea. The romantic spot was frequently used in other films, too, whether just as a studio backdrop or a couple shots taken of the surrounding area.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

What beautiful secrets does it conceal?

If you long to have a look at the luxurious aristocratic private apartments, we recommend the main exhibition on the first floor. This represents authentic interior of the last owners, Schönburg-Hartenstein princes. You will be able to look also into their rooms under the eaves. During the high season there is also an exhibit in the cellars with many remarkable areas recessing directly into the rocks.

The hill nearby is adorned by the Holy Trinity Chapel, also in renaissance style, which fascinates by luxury interiors full of original preserved illusory paintings, a beautiful wooden ceiling symbolising heavenly Jerusalem.

And remember to take a boat ride, like George in the Goldilocks fairytale!

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