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During our stay at the Milan Design Week we have made a point of stopping at the Brunello Cucinelli boutique, to make an interview with Riccardo Stefanelli, one of the executive directors of the fashion house. The charming Italian won his position in the firm together with the heart of his wife; daughter of the founder of the brand, Camilla Cucinelli.

CEO Brunello Cucinelli: We Put Sophistication of Women in the First Place

Elena Jakubovic
07.May 2018
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The Milan fashion boutique did not lag behind during the Milan design week. It was decorated by original interior accessories designed especially for this occasion to accentuate the similarly-themed current collection. The store of the famous Italian clothing brand was thus enlivened by natural materials, subtle colours as well as a live bamboo grove.

We have talked to enchanting Riccardo Stefanelli not only about design, but also about what he thinks about our capital or what kind of women does he like.

Milan design week is here and we are in Brunello Cucinelli. A little party because of the design week and we are talking to see for Brunello Cucinelli and we have very interesting question.

Today you have a special installation which is inviting us to safari and also to jungle. It is a furniture which you done specially for design week. What inspired you?

We called in Anima Mundi. That is a trip, a journey into our soul, into our mind. But it’s always our, also our way to feel this week, the design week in Milan. That is the real week where the Italian taste cames out and tells to the rest of the world how an Italian taste, an Italian lifestyle can be.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

We are from Prague, Czech Republic, and we would like to know if you been in our capital, Prague, and what is your impression.

Prague. Prague is one of the most beautiful city in the world. It’s magic. It’s part of our culture. I share a lot of things. When I come in Prague, I love it and I would love to live there. And I think that it’s part of our culture that we have to bring to the rest of the world because it’s our soul and we have to be proud of this.

You are very welcome to have a residence in Prague and we will be happy to have your there but what surprised you most about the Prague when you came there?

I don’t know the price, I don’t want to tell about the price. I think that being in one of the most beautiful city in the world is priceless in terms of magic, in terms of feeling when you walk to the street of Prague, so thank you.

What kind of woman would you address with your new collection?

Yeah, we try to be always elegant and sport chic, but always we would like to find a lady sophisticated that want to be part of our lifestyle.

Talking about ladies, what is the most important about women you think?

Elegance, for sure.


Reference to an article from the safari exhibition at the Brunello Cucinelli boutique may be found through the link below, Latest News from the Design Week in Milan.

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