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Madonna invests in bitcoins from the Czech Republic

Celebrities no longer need money or credit cards, they switched to cryptocurrency!

Karolína Lišková
25.Sep 2019
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I Madonna propadla bitcoinům.

Some people haven't yet grasped the concept of cryptocurrency, while the lucky ones are utilizing them to earn crazy amounts of money. Especially those who don't really need to earn that much money anymore. Celebrities. Entrepreneurs and Hollywood stars invest in cryptocurrencies in bulk or go into business with them. That includes those created in the Czech Republic.

Americká herečka je také výbornou podnikatelkou.
Mel B bývalá Spice Girl miluje technologie, protože jí usnadňují život.
Technologie jdou stále dopředu, za chvíli budeme platit snad už jen pohledem.

In addition to her status of actress, Gwyneth Paltrow launched a successful career in business. She leads her own beauty brand, which is why she logically gained interest in the area of business that deals with innovative cryptocurrencies as well. And she's by far not the only one. Madonna and Paris Hilton also found liking in the modern form of payment.

“The main reason for investing in cryptocurrencies is their independence and the ability to use them anywhere in the world - as long as Internet connection is avialable, of course. Their high profitability prospects are just as tempting. We can, for instance, teach you how to double your income by the means of cryptocurrency,” says Julia Tanner, co-founder of the Czech company Platon Finance.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

Cryptocurrencies can buy you a yacht as well as a Spice Girls single

What's more, the possibilities of shopping with a currency you can't touch are constantly growing in number. Even if you stick to Czech cryptocurrency, you'll be able buy not only real estate in Miami or London, but also yachts, cars, artwork and other more or less practical things.

Mel B, the wildest member of the 90s band Spice Girls, introduced the possibility of buying her single for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency already a couple of years ago.

"I absolutely love new technologies and the way they make our lives easier,"

the British singer said enthusiastically.

Insurance for half a million euros

However, cryptocurrencies also have their negatives. The most prominent one being the notorious attacks by hackers who have already emptied many a virtual wallet. Companies are doing their best to effectively eliminate this risk. Platon Finance is the world's first to offer digital wallet insurance of up to € 500,000. The wallet in question accepts the six strongest cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency without risk

"We are currently witnessing the process of digitizing property and money, and in recent months it has become evident that cryptocurrencies meet all the important aspects for the successful realization of technical-financial evolution,"

adds Tanner.

The Czech company was established in 2017 and quickly built up a significant position in the world of virtual currencies. Platon Coin is traded on the prestigious LaToken, and DigiFinex markets. The current daily trading volume oscilates between $ 600,000 and $ 800,000, with a total capitalization of $ 4.2 million. This year's target is an increase to 25 million.

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