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Journey into the past

Celebrities and virtual reality: Neumannová and Šebrle go back in time!

Tereza Janatová
07.May 2018
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Virtual reality – a place you can(not) hide?

We’ve all sometimes probably wanted to go back in time. Whether it’s to change something that happened then or simply due to curiosity. And we now have the opportunity! A new game called Golem VR is being introduced onto the market. Virtual reality that will pull you into the 16th century and you may not know which way to turn at times.

The entire project took approximately a year to complete

The primary goal of the DIVR Labs Studio was to come up with something that has not been seen before, also because of their competitors in America and Australia. A team of 15 people are behind creation of this game. Work on the game itself took three quarters of a year and the facilities for location of the actual technology took another three months to construct.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to play at home in the living room

If you want to get this game so you can play it at home, then I am afraid that you wouldn’t have enough space and it could ruin you financially. Virtual Golem is valued at tens of millions of crowns. This game will take you to Prague in the 16th century, when Rabbi Löw first woke the Golem. Players have the opportunity to view the city as it appeared in the distant past and become involved in the well-known story about the creation of this clay figure.

Czech celebrities also tried the game. Kateřina Neumannová was very enthusiastic: “This is certainly a level and a category above anything I have experienced before.” If she had the opportunity to go back in time she would refuse. But she admitted that she has imagined it doing so several times. And who hasn’t! “I think that everyone has made mistakes and that they would certainly do things differently if they could.” Roman Šebrle was clear on the issue. “Even bad things are good if you learn from them. Maybe they guide you in a specific direction. I would certainly not change anything. I had a dream about six months ago in which I went back to the time to when I was twenty one and it was not pretty at all! It was a nightmare.” But back to the game.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

How and where?

You can find Golem at the Hamleys toy store in Prague. According to the director of DIVR Labs, Lukáš Burda, this is not a classic PlayStation game, which is why everyone should try Golem regardless of age: “We have made it so that players who come to play Golem here receive a game pack, so they can move freely around an area of 250 square metres. They are monitored by OptiDrive technology, so the game knows exactly where the person is moving and provides the content he should be seeing.”

The game is recommended for players from 10 years old who must also be over 130 cm tall in order for the sensors to work correctly. You can view how not only celebrities, but also their children enjoyed the game in our video.

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