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Celebrities about the elections and the ideal president

28.Jan 2018
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The battle has finished and the current president Miloš Zeman remains in the presidential seat. But who would celebrities rather see in his place and who supported Miloš Zeman? While some kept their choice of the presidential candidate they voted for to themselves, others were capable of passionately and openly speaking on the topic of the president. David Gránský, Dana Morávková, Dominik Feri, Vlastina Svátková and a number of other well-known celebrities spoke about their favourites, absolutely unacceptable candidates or about arguments at home on the topic of the elections. You can find out about their front-runners and who would they rather not see in the presidential seat in Quick Confessions in Luxury Prague Life.

Fast confession:

David Gránský

Who should be the next Czech president?
No, you simply can’t ask me questions like this.....I cannot answer this because as soon as we start discussing this topic in my family, then the arguments and disputes begin. And never publically. I cannot say, I don’t even know who the candidates are now. Or who should be president.

Dana Morávková

Who will you vote for in the presidential elections?
I have two candidates who I am currently considering, but I am leaning towards Professor Drahoš.

Karel Janeček

Who will you vote for in the presidential elections?
I refuse to answer that question. With regard to the fact that I am the author of the President 21 website, I don’t want my preferences to be known until the last minute.

Who should be the next president?

Michal Horáček.

Lenka Vacvalová

Miloš Zeman or Václav Havel?
Václav Havel

Jiří Paroubek

Who should be the next president?
The best candidate.

Vlastina Svátková Kounická

Would you rather go to dinner with Miloš Zeman or with Jiří Ovčáček?
I wouldn’t be able to have a chat with either of them and I am currently abstaining from alcohol, so they should go together and agree on who should say what.

Tomio Okamura

Who should not candidate for president?
Someone who does not defend the interests of the Czech Republic and the Czech nation, but defends the interests of the European Union for instance. I think that would be a great mistake. The president should be a patriot.

Olga Menzelová

Who should be the next Czech president?
What about Jakub Kohák, there would be more fun than there is now.

Dominik Feri

Who should be the next president?
Jiří Drahoš.

Jan Saudek

What has the Czech nation learnt thanks to the October elections?
We are as stupid as always of course.

Libor Bouček

What would you give the current Czech president for Christmas?
Whatever he wanted. Probably books. A lovely biography of Reagan has just been published. Something that would make him happy.

Mirek Topolánek

What should our readers make sure they experience in 2018?
My presidential visit to their region.

Karel Schwarzenberg

What is best about not being elected president?
You can go to the pub and drink with your friends. You have to drink by yourself at the castle and that is not good for you.

DJ Lucca

Should Miloš Zeman remain president?
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