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For this attraction you must make a trip to Spain, to Gibraltar. It is placed 340 metres above sea level and is located higher than the highest point of London, The Shard. Looking at the luxurious landscape will make your head spin.

Celebratory Opening of Skywalk. It is the Newest Attraction of Gibraltar!

Mgr. Jana Höger
05.Aug 2018
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Luxurious views that you have never dreamed off - nature reserve Upper Rock

The former military property was turned into a tourist attraction with state-of-the-art glass platform as a pavement. It offers unrivalled feeling of freedom at the highest-lying place of the rock. Gibraltar Skywalk offers 360° panoramic views of three places and two continents and references to other places of interest in the Gibraltar nature reserve: The Upper Rock including the exciting Windsor Suspension Bridge and the famous Apes Den as well as a number of tourist trails.

Who is behind this luxurious achievement?

The luxurious work is that of design studio Arc Designs which undertook to overcome a considerable challenge by designing this attraction. The main elements with which they worked was glass, concrete and steel. Adaptation to local nature of the landscape was appropriate.

Attractions in incredible numbers

Imagine glazed luxury floors and balustrades which include 750 m² glass plates, which would cover approximately four tennis courts, while the biggest one weighs approximately 650 kg. The floor and handrails are formed by four layers of laminated glass with a total thickness of approximately 4.2 cm. Skywalk was designed so as to withstand the local weather conditions and impacts of wind of over 150 km/h. It can bear the weight of seven 7 Asian elephants or 340 standing people at a time. 70 metres of ground anchors and 30,000 kg of steel support and secure Skywalk on the rock.

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha-západ - 255m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha-západ - 255m, Okolí Prahy

Up to the very top

By means of stairs made of steel you can climb up to an old octagonal base of the original military platform, where you will be awaited by the well-deserved reward in the form of a rest as well as a view. What do you say?

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