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There's nothing wrong with dining alone!

Celebrate Valentine's Day in your own company! Restaurants will be open for singles

Nela Štefanová
10.Feb 2020
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Valentine's Day. One of the most romantic holidays of the year. A day on the calendar that many of us take off at work in advance, counting their savings and looking forward to spending the evening together with their loved one. Or not. Perhaps you're single, live alone, and perhaps you've just been through a nasty breakup and all you wish is to forget this day exists. In either case, don't stay at home. This time, no binge watching Bridget Jones in your pyjamas with a bucket of ice cream in your hand! In London, the so-called "self-love restaurants" open Valentine's Day, in which you can enjoy your own company. To enjoy a unique experience of exclusive solo dining, you will be surrounded by huge mirrors. And at the end of the dinner, there's going to be a surprise!

"Would you like a table for two?"

"No, thank you, I'll dine alone."

At London's Two4One restaurant, you definitely won't hear this question on Valentine's Day. Its concept was created especially for those who want to appreciate themselves, or at least their own face. The whole restaurant will be decorated with huge mirrors, meaning you will literally get lost in the beauty of your own eyes during the evening. How romantic!

Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha
Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha, Praha 5

The Two4One restaurant was created by the company Tastecard, which provides "two-for-one" promotions and discounts in nearly seven thousand British restaurants. They came up with the idea after having conducted a survey among two thousand residents, which revealed that every third person eats every meal alone on a regular basis. And if you already have to eat your lunch or dinner alone, why not fully enjoy it, right?

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Skleničky vína
Skleničky vínaSource: Profimedia

"During dinner, the guests will be listening to playlists that promote good mood and uplifting feelings. The mirrors will also be reflecting motivational quotes, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for the guests to enjoy their time alone,"

the company claimed in their statement.

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Pár na večeři
Pár na večeřiSource: Profimedia

However, there's a small catch. At the end of your three-course meal, the mirrors turn around and you get to meet the other guests face to face. Suddenly, you'll have hope and the chance that you'll be leaving the restaurant with a new life partner.

"It's going to be really fun and exciting. People shouldn't forget how important self love is,"

claimed the company.

The special romantic restaurant will be open in London on February 13 and 14, and all the proceeds of the evening will be donated to charity. Whether you recognize Valentine as a special holiday or not, you have to admit that the Brits have something great going on here, right? Does it reek of narcissism to you, or can you imagine spending Valentine's day in a similar restaurant?

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