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The women who picked up Czech billionaires.

To catch a billionaire? Is it written in the stars for you?

Kateřina Ostrejšová
29.Nov 2020
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Andrej Babiš s manželkou Monikou a Donald Trump s manželkou Melanií

It's generally known that our zodiac sign significantly shapes our personality and influences our behavior. Some astrologists recommend choosing the right partner for you according to their zodiac sign. It appears that Sagittarius and Pisces women have luck in picking up billionaires, because they managed to catch six of the ten richest Czech men. And are you also wondering what is the connection between the Gemini Monika Babišová and the US President Donald Trump? We know about it all!

Sagittariuses blessed with good luck

Women under this sign are often cheerful idealists. They like friendly relationships between people and are full of understanding. They are also very sporty. Are wealthy men looking for that in a woman? The third richest man in the Czech Republic, Daniel Křetínský (born on July 9th, 1975), at least does! His assets are worth 78 billion CZK and since 2017 he has been a partner of the 21-year-old show jumping rider and daughter of the richest Czech man, Anna Kellnerová (born November 26th, 1996).

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Anna Kellnerová
Anna KellnerováSource: Profimedia

Sagittariuses and Tauruses are set for life

Jarmila Baudišová (November 27th, 1959) was also born under the fiery sign of Sagittarius, she is the life partner of the sixth richest man in the Czech Republic and the founder of Avast, Pavel Baudiš (born on May 15th, 1960). His assets are around 51 billion CZK. He was born under the sign of Taurus and their long-term marriage and two children only confirm that Sagittarius and Taurus work great together! The beginnings can be a little rocky, but when they agree on what they want from life, they form an invincible team together.

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

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Jarmila Baudišová
Jarmila BaudišováSource: Avast Foundation

The second invincible team of Sagittarius and Taurus is also the Tykač couple. Sagittarius Ivana (born December 9th, 1967) and Pavel (born May 15th, 1964), born under the sign of Taurus, have been together for quite some time now. They met thirty incredible years ago. Despite the fact that Pavel Tykač is on the seventh place in the ranking of the richest Czechs (32 billion CZK), his woman is not a classic accessory to an entrepreneur. She has her own developer company and last year she and her husband founded the organization WOMEN FOR WOMEN.

It's definitely lively at their home. Ivana has two children together with Pavel Tykač, but they still brought in six more children from their previous marriages. In total, they raise eight of them and live alternately in Prague and Switzerland.

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Ivana Tykač
Ivana TykačSource: Profimedia

Pisces know how to thread the waters

Ladies born under the water sign look very gentle and feminine. But the first impression is a bit misleading! Pisces tend to be strong women who know what they want.

This is also confirmed by Milada Kučerová (born on March 18th, 1954), who married Eduard Kučera (born on January 11th, 1953). A Capricorn, who is currently the eighth richest Czech man. And how does it actually work between those two signs? Pisces and Capricorn understand each other perfectly on a spiritual level and there is a consensus on their opinions and temperament.

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Zleva: Libuše Tomolová, Jarmila Baudišová, Milada Kučerová
Zleva: Libuše Tomolová, Jarmila Baudišová, Milada KučerováSource: Avast Foundation

Pisces Eliška Dospivová (born March 15th, 1977), the ex-wife of the ninth richest Czech Marek Dospiva (born July 18th, 1969, property worth 25.3 billion CZK) can also swim like a fish in a pond. The couple got divorced in 2016. In their everyday life, Pisces and Cancer may be a little lost, they are both very kind-hearted, and they can also easily get confused by their changing emotions. Could this be what cost the former couple, who have two daughters together, their marriage?

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Eliška Dospivová s dcerou
Eliška Dospivová s dcerouSource: Herminapress

Pisces and Scorpio: The perfect combination for love

The 1st Vice Miss of the Czech Republic in 2009 Zuzana Putnářová (born February 28th, 1986) is undoubtedly gentle and feminine, she is the longtime partner of the businessman Dušan Kunovský (born November 22nd, 1971), the tenth richest Czech man with assets worth 20.7 billion CZK who was born under the sign of Scorpio. And what a good choice it was for this couple! Pisces and Scorpio are one of the best combinations for love and partnership. Both are born as water signs, which means they're very emotionally inclined.

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Zuzana Putnářová
Zuzana PutnářováSource: Profimedia

Adaptive Gemini

Monika Babišová (born June 14th, 1974) has been married to the Minister of Government and the fourth richest Czech man, Andrej Babiš (born on September 2nd, 1954, property worth 74 billion CZK) since 2017. A Gemini woman hides several personalities, one more interesting than the other. She is creative, friendly, open and cheerful. Next to Andrej Babiš, who is under the sign of Virgo, she feels a sense of belonging. When they get used to the fact that one of them is a dreamer and the other a pragmatist, they understand each other very well. Virgo will bring a solid background to their relationship, which the erratic Gemini will greatly appreciate.

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Monika Babišová ve světlých šatech
Monika Babišová ve světlých šatechSource: Profimedia

Babišová was born on the same day as Trump

The former US President Donald Trump was born on June 14th. Unlike Monika, however, a few years earlier, specifically in 1946. Gemini men are strong and have a striking personality. His wife Melania (born April 26th, 1970) is under the sign of Taurus. This combination is somewhat unusual, because each of them has a different temperament, if they get used to these small differences, a fulfilling love relationship awaits them. In the case of the Trumps, this seems to have come true. They have been married for more than 15 years.


Virgos are meticulous and patient

Radovan Vítek (born January 22nd, 1971) met his second wife Maria (born on September 16th, 1976), who is under the sign of Virgo, eleven years ago at a birthday party of a good friend. The real estate magnate, and the second richest Czech man with assets of 86 billion CZK, is said to have captivated his partner mostly with his charisma. The couple are raising 3 children together, two daughters and one son.

Men under the sign of Aquarius, including Vítek, have, among other things, a great imagination and tend to be spontaneous. They have great ideas and enough courage to try to do things differently and better. That would captivate almost every woman, not just a Virgo.

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Radovan Vítek s manželkou Marií (na snímku z roku 2009).
Radovan Vítek s manželkou Marií (na snímku z roku 2009).Source: Martin Přibyl / CNC / Profimedia

The richest Czech man was impressed by a Cancer

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Petr Kellner
Petr KellnerSource: © MAFRA PETR TOPIČ / / Profimedia

The heart of the richest man in the Czech Republic, Petr Kellner (Taurus born on May 20th, 1964), was captured by the Cancer Renata Kellnerová (born on July 4th, 1967). His property is worth approximately 293 billion CZK, so it couldn't have been an easy task with a man so busy as him.

However, Cancer women are very emotionally inclined and put family to the front. This can be confirmed by their daughter Anna. The stars are also in favor of this married couple. Cancers complement the Tauruses very nicely. They are both passionate and reliable in love. This indeed looks very promising for the richest Czech couple!

Sparks are flying between Aries and Pisces

The wife of the fifth richest Czech man, Karel Komárek (born on March 15th, 1969, assets worth 71 billion CZK), Štěpánka (born on March 22nd, 1976), is also a very successful woman herself. Forbes magazine ranked her among the 40 most influential women in the Czech Republic, so she is a great example to her husband. They have two children together, Karel Komárek also has two more from his previous marriage.

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Karel a Štěpánka Komárkovi
Karel a Štěpánka KomárkoviSource: Profimedia

A woman born under Aries is strong and energetic. She speaks her mind freely. She stands behind her ideals and has a need to assert herself. With a counterpart under the sign of Pisces, it looks to be very promising for her as well, according to the stars. They appear charming to each other by nature and influence each other with their ideals, because it's important for both of them to have strong beliefs in life.

No need to despair, love can find its way to you despite the adversity of the stars. For you to be happy, your husband doesn't necessarily need to be a billionaire. Even so, we keep our fingers crossed for the women of the richest Czech men, because we suspect that it's not always as simple and carefree as it may seem at first glance.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Praha - Západ - 750m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Praha - Západ - 750m, Okolí Prahy

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