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The Cards Have Been Dealt! The 5 Best Czech Movies of 2017 Will Battle for the Czech Lion Award!

Eva Ledecká
17.Jan 2018
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Bába z ledu

Bába z ledu, Po strništi bos, Kvarteto, Milada, or Špína? The nominations for the Czech Lion award have just been announced and these are the movies which will battle for the prestigious prize on 10 March in Dvořák’s hall in Rudolfinum. Bába z ledu, directed by Bohdan Sláma, received the most nominations (15) and is in fact also in contention for an Oscar nomination!

Bolek Polívka and Aňa Geislerová, excellent actors who have already received a Czech Lion, have just today, on 17 January, introduced all the nominations in Rudolfinum. The academy had to choose from a total of 51 Czech movies which entered into production last year. And it’s already clear that 2017 was a highly successful year as far as cinematography is concerned. We could enjoy a number of truly luxurious movies!

2017 – a highly creative year

Po strništi bos, directed by Jan Svěrák, was the bestselling movie of last year. The luxurious history movie Milada was also shown in cinemas in 2017. Karel Roden (and many others) showcased their exceptional acting in the movie Křižáček. Pavel Nový and Zuzana Kronerová on the other hand excelled in Bába z ledu, which entertained quite a number of Czech movie-goers.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

Of course, last year also had other excellent movies. The academy (in particular, the 136 voting academicians from the total number of 297) unfortunately could not nominate all of them. All nominations are available on the website of the Czech Lion awards; you can find a list of those which were most sought after by movie-goers below this article.


And a bit of news at the end

The award for the best movie poster was also given on the day of the nominations. The award was given to the luxurious poster for Po strništi bos, designed by Jiří Karásek and Lukáš Fišárek. This movie also won the popularity contest among movie fans.

“It’s a lot of praise from many people,” commented Jan Svěrák on the award.

We still don’t know what the award statuette will look like. This year, the academy has a surprise in store for us in the form of a completely new luxurious statuette, created in collaboration with the Rückl glassworks. The award will be unveiled on 15 February.



Nominations for the Best Movie category:

Bába z ledu, Po strništi bos, Kvarteto, Milada, Špína

Nominations for the Best Female Lead:

Zuzana Kronerová for her role in Bába z ledu, Barbora Poláková for her role in Kvarteto, Ayelet Zurer for her role in Milada, Tereza Voříšková for her role in Po strništi bos, Dominika Morávková for her role in Špína

Nominations for the Best Male Lead:

Pavel Nový for his role in Bába z ledu, Karel Roden for his role in Křižíček, Jaroslav Plesl for his role in Kvarteto, Vladimír Javorský for his role in Milada, Ondřej Vetchý for his role in Po strništi bos

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