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It was the dream of the company founder, Vojtěch Beránek; to create things in an interesting and innovative way. The result is luxurious and timeless from the design point of view. And what is it actually made of? From laminated cardboard.

Cardboard by Czech Kartoons Turns it into a Luxurious Design Affair

Mgr. Jana Höger
17.Nov 2018
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Cardboard as a new concept

It was an idea which has, due to diligence and commitment became a reality. At the beginning of the journey there was a student competition and its 1. place, which was won by Vojtěch Beránek, together with CZK 100,000. This sum was used as initial capital of the company, which processes the freely-available material, cardboard. It lends its products flexibility, load-bearing capacity and light weight. All that is needed is 35 layers of cardboard. It had already been used in the seventies of the last century, but it never got to be mass-produced.

Eco-friendly design

The cardboard is made of 2/3 recycled material and the furniture and accessories thus produced are a luxurious affair. Thanks to its volatility in a wet environment it is intended for the interior. Although the initial plan was to produce furniture for students, the range was gradually extended. Nowadays these pieces of furniture, lighting and solitaire items are turning into luxurious design "jewels" and valued articles of art lovers.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

Each piece is hand made

The cardboard products are made by the company at a workshop in a small village near Prague. Vojtěch Beránek and his few employees are currently focused on the domestic market, but the business plan aims also at exporting of the products - to Germany and Austria, where the eco-friendly idea will be appreciated by the end customers, as well as the top-quality workmanship.

Now, you too, are able to decorate your homes by this luxurious cardboard affair. You can please yourself, or your loved ones, by such items as a lampshade, alarm clock or a vase. If you are interested in something a bit bigger than that, Kartoons also offers tables, seats or occasion tables. The firm puts all of its energy into its new products, produced with creative passion.

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