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This is the direction the automotive industry could take one day.

This is a car you want to drive! Autopilot, luxury like in a living room, and as a bonus you can chat with it!

Mgr. Jana Höger
24.Sep 2019
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Autonomous steering system, electrification, connectivity, space and time efficiently saved, these are the topics that move the current automotive world. The perspectives are such that in the future, drivers will be able to fully “hand over the steering wheel” to the computer. They'll save a lot of valuable time that way, and time is priceless nowadays. Who wouldn't want to have their "loyal steed", in which they'd feel as comfortable as in their living room, parked in front of the house? But let's go even further. Would you like to enjoy quality relax, or perhaps have some fun while driving? The new luxury car from the German brand BMW Vision Next 100 lets you experience all this!

What has the car to boast? "Tires" with snake skin pattern, digital intelligence and ginormous view

The wheels, designed by the means of 4D printing, use a most impressive innovation. They set new standards for kinematics. Try to imagine that a car you're passing suddenly ejects its "claws" in the form of special moving parts that glow red in order to adapt to road irregularities. Seeing that would probably make you stop and stare like a pillar of salt.

You will also be impressed by the luxury exterior, consisting entirely of plastics and carbon fibers or other composites, a futuristic design with a hinged door that opens upwards. The proportions of the car ensure a luxurious view of the surroundings. The dominant part of the car is the windshield used to display various information. You can easily view data about the objects you're passing, driving safety evaluation and the route in front of you.

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BMW v celé své kráse
BMW v celé své kráseSource:

If you try to communicate with this car, it will understand

The mosaic-like dashboard imaging system, made up of 800 moving triangles with red illumination called Alive Geometry, will generate motion that you'll be able to understand. If you get tired of driving, you can turn on the Ease mode, which is fully automated. The steering wheel hides in the dashboard and the autopilot takes control. At your request, the interior adapts to your needs by turning the seats to face each other. How easy!

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

Time will tell...

So far, we cannot hope for mass production of this model. The BMW Vision Next 100 design study demonstrates several technological processes that should inspire other car brands in their future production. We have no choice but to wait what they'll surprise us with.

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