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The red carpet at Cannes welcomed the protagonists of the new Argentinian film called “Murder Me, Monster”.

Cannes welcomes the protagonists of the “Murder Me, Monster” horror film!

Eva Ledecká
14.May 2018
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Victor Lopez, Romina Iniesta, Tania Casciani

A number of deluxe films originate in Argentina. One of these is a horror drama by young director Alejandro Fadela called “Murder Me, Monster”. You can look forward to a proper dose of suspense, black humour, blood and a theme about the nature of our existence.

Actress Romina Iniesta
Romina Iniesta
Romina Iniesta and Tania Casciani

A blood-thirsty monster from the mountains

This horror is set in the picturesque region of Mendoza, high in the Andes. The director depicts the area as a lawless place, where blood-thirsty monsters have no mercy for their defenceless human victims.

After several women are killed under similar circumstances (headless bodies are found), police inspector Cruz (Victor Lopez) becomes involved in the case. The main suspect is a mentally ill farmer, who is also the husband of Cruz’s lover, David (Esteban Bigliardi) who suffers from audio and visual hallucinations. He states that these are telepathic messages, which instruct him to commit murder and he is committed to a psychiatric hospital as a result.

But Cruz does not believe he is guilty. He points out the traces of enormous teeth and other evidence, which was found at several sites of the crime and which is certainly not related to the mentally ill famer. Psychiatrists, forensic experts and autopsy doctors are clueless. The investigators set out to investigate on-site, they travel through the dark mountains, where brutal bloodletting takes place. The monster is then revealed and you finally see the imposing beast: a mixture of visual effects, make-up and chiefly the enormous jaws!

Fadel is a real stylist. You constantly feel uneasy during the film, which is accompanied by excellent audio effects and in which flares, flames and mirror motifs are used to complete the deluxe scenes. You can find reflections of Lynch or Jodorowski in the film

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy
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