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The scandal of new movie The Perfect Kiss. It was withdrawn from multiplexes!

Canadian Movie The Perfect Kiss With Lucie Vondráčková: Success Is Not Happening!

Jana Fikotová
12.Nov 2018
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We gladly waited with the review for the new film The Perfect Kiss, staring Lucie Vondráčková, who had been making the promo of the movie for a whole year. The big halo that preceded this film evoked a big and quick end. And that's what happened: during the first weekend, the film was far from reaching the top twenty most popular titles. The Canadian comedy was overtaken by the animated movie The Incredibles 2. The Multiplexes would like to immediately take it out of the program.

The film fell to 15 %

Vondráčková must now cope not only with her unpleasant divorce with hockey player Tomáš Plekanec, but also with the withdrawal of the long-awaited movie. It was even found that somebody wanted to falsify the rating of the comedy on the Czech-Slovak film database, where viewers comment and rate movies, even though the film had mostly negative comments in the discussions. After finding out the rating manipulation, the film fell from 45 % to 15 %, which also happened with the movies Decibels of Love and Babovřesky, in which Lucka Vondráčková also stared.  

What's the movie about?

The story tells a story of a girl who is pretty, yet she has no luck in picking her boyfriends. Everyone is looking for happiness, but when you are almost thirty and you still live with your parents, happiness is not so easy to find. Tanya Cova (Lucie Vondráčková) suddenly loses her job and has to move from her parents to her best friend Britney’s house. Here she plans to go her own way and start over again. Within a few moments, everything starts to turn for the better, and Tanya meets a billionaire, Brian, and things start to happen. A romantic comedy was written and directed by Tina Adams, better known as Martina Adamcová, who stared in the movie Tank Battalion, Nudity for Sale, Playgirls.  

For Vondráčková, the film opportunity was a great return to the movie screen and she told that she and the movie character have a common energy and wished Tanya to find her happiness.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Lucie is the best of the film

On the 1st of November, an eagerly awaited Canadian film The Perfect Kiss entered the cinemas, where Lucie Vondráčková plays the lead role, and her friend Martina Adamcová is the director. According to our information, Lucie's husband, Tomáš Plekanec, lent three million CZK to the film. The film has long been talked about as a Christmas feast with a Czech star in a foreign film. Vondráčková also sang the title song of the same name.  

Though Lucie Vondráčková is the best of the film, because the romantic pose and naive behaviour suits her, the austere screenplay definitely did not save what was expected of the film. Nowadays, if you would like to see the movie in a cinema, you have to search for it like for a needle in a haystack. The multiplexes that had this film in their programmes for a week – and there were only two: Hostivař and Černý Most – withdrew the film after a couple of days. Czech fans have a chance to see Lucie’s movie just in Radotín Cinema and Modřanský biograf, where there will be only one screening. The Perfect Kiss is projected in Bruntál, Chrastava, Kynšperk nad Ohří or Napajedla. But that's another story of reality.

Luxury Prague Life Rating: 10 %

PREMIERE: 1 November 2018
DIRECTOR: Tina Adams
CAMERA: Jan Belina
CAST: Lucie Vondráčková, Landy Cannon, Liliana Komorowska, Sophie Gendron, Samy Osman, Tina Adams
GENRE: Comedy
TIME: 83 min

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