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Film-makers and fans of adrenaline – seemingly two different worlds. They do however have one thing in common. They often find themselves in rugged natural environments with harsh weather conditions. In times like these, they have to use the very best equipment available.

Canada Goose: the clothing behind the silver screen

Eva Ledecká
08.Mar 2017
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There are few brands in the world which have a clear goal and mission. Canada Goose is a Canadian company which has been manufacturing the highest quality jackets for use in the harshest of conditions since 1957. In the beginning, this concerned Snow Mantra jackets designed for people working in the Canadian Arctic.   

Link with the film industry

Canada Goose is nowadays the (un)official brand which clothes film-makers shooting films in Alaska, high up in the mountains or in similar locations which really are cold. Canada Goose has been working with the film industry for more than 20 years and many of the luxury winter coats which you can find in the company’s offer have played an important role during filming of famous films.

For example, the Lodge Hoody jacket was used during filming of Spectre and the most popular jacket is usually the Expedition Parka, in which the film Manchester By The Sea was filmed. The luxurious long Mystique Parka was on the other hand used during filming of X-Men, which featured an actress who was “clothed” only in bodypainting.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

Canada Goose is a company which cooperates with remarkable and exceptional people. This is why it got together with the Oscar-winning Canadian director Paul Haggis in 2015 and put together the film Out There. This is a short film which captures the exceptional stories of precisely these types of people. 

Canada Goose people

Remarkable people who have their own dreams and goals and who don’t shy away from new challenges. People who try to prove to themselves and to others that things can be done - you just have to try. Such are the ambassadors of the luxury Canada Goose brand. They for example include:

Ray Zahab, who ran across the Sahara in 2016 to raise awareness of the lack of water in Africa. His journey took 111 days and he travelled 6,900 km.

Lance Mackey, who grew up in Alaska and became the top dogsled racer in the world.

Laurie Skreslet, who was the first Canadian to conquer Mt. Everest in 1982.

Help for polar bears

Canada Goose also does not shy away from the problems facing the world. It helps to protect the endangered polar bear species, if for no other reason than the fact that 2/3 of their total number live right here in Canada. For this reason, the company has joined forces with the Polar Bears International organisation and launched a collection of clothing entitled the PBI Collection. Money from the sale of each item from this collection goes to support preservation of polar bears.

Apart from winter jackets developed for harsh mountain conditions, Canada Goose also manufactures high-quality and luxurious clothing to wear in the city or the great outdoors in men’s, women’s and children’s collections.

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