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We bet you won‘t recognize them all!

Can you tell who‘s who? This is what celebrities looked like in their childhood!

Nela Štefanová
07.Jun 2020
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Who can say that they‘ve never felt mortified or burst out laughing when going through photos from their youth or childhood? It‘s crazy how time flies and how it changes not just us, but also technology, fashion trends or hairstyles. Of course, we can never go back to the times when we weren‘t overwhelmed with work or stress, but thanks to our memories and old photos carefully stored at our parents‘ place, we can at least recall those moments. Celebrities are no exception. will now show you their photos from family archives, where the famous are beyond recognition or, on the contrary, totally the same. Let‘s find out together, which stars changed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan and which of them made time stop.

The family photo album. While the mere thought gives many of us a reason to blush, world-famous stars of show business seem to be cool with it. Most of them have been in the spotlight since childhood, so they can boast of photographs in which they look great even during puberty. Yet there are even those stars in Hollywood, who would like to erase the period of adolescence not only from photographs, but also from their memory. Come on and judge for yourselves who managed to stop time and who bloomed out like a flower.

Ageless Reese

Legally blonde since birth, what do you say? The little girl in the blue striped T-shirt with pony tails and a candy necklace did some serious growing over time. Maybe not in terms of height, because she‘s only 156 centimeters tall, but in terms beauty, definitely! Could you tell it's Reese Witherspoon? This star started her career as a child and she seems to look almost identical in all her photos. Whether she is seven, twelve, sixteen or her current age of forty-four. Age is obviously only a number to this actress. What do you think?

Full lips and a beauty mark

Another star who pretty much denies the laws of aging is thirty-five-year-old actress Scarlett Johansson. She appeared in front of the camera at the age of nine; her first role was in the film North. Many directors were drawn to the beauty of charming Scarlett; one can say that this actress hasn‘t stopped working for a moment since childhood. The British magazine Esquire has even selected her as the most beautiful woman on the planet twice.

An extraordinary redhead

The saying "she ages like fine wine" rings especially true for actress Julianne Moore, who seems to be getting more beautiful with each passing year. However, her radiant red hair, which has been her hallmark her entire life, must have been the subject of teasing or various ridicule at least once during her school years.

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Scarlett Johansson.
Scarlett Johansson.Source: Profimedia

Success as revenge

Singer and actress Lady Gaga was also a victim of bullying because of her appearance. In an interview with The Gurdian, she even admitted that she was thrown in the trash by her classmates during her high school years. Peers have often ridiculed her for her small build and large nose. Allegedly, she was also obese as a child. And that might have been the reason why teenage Lady Gaga, born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, decided to be on top the whole world one day.

Angelic Brad

Chubby cheeks, blond hair and the expression of an innocent angel. That‘s the impression Brad Pitt made as a child. Later, in his adulthood, he could stir the blood in the veins of thousands of female fans across the world with a mere glance. His journey to Hollywood first led through the University of Journalism and Graphic Design. During his studies, however, he became more and more drawn to film, and so he decided to start attending acting classes. Of course, he needed to make some money so as to be able to afford those, so he sold ice cream or, dressed up as a big yellow chicken, lured customers into a fast food.

Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem
Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem, Praha 9

A gray mouse?

The American actress, singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez has also undergone a significant transformation during her life. The caterpillar with short black hair turned into a beautiful, extraordinary butterfly. She loved dancing and singing already as a small child, and since she was growing up with her two sisters and her parents were always short on money, she had to pay for her dance lessons herself.

And how about you? Can you find a photo on which you‘re completely unrecognizable somewhere at the bottom of the drawer? Or are you more like Leonardo DiCaprio and Reese Witherspoon? Take a look at our photo gallery, where you‘ll find more photos of the famous.

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