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Don't be a follower. Be a leader. Be the ass that moves the world!

Can one still have any trust in bums? Natural butts seem to be a thing of the past

Valentina Lebová
01.Jun 2021
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8 minutes
Beyonce se take může pochlubit velmi atraktivním pozadím

Small is beautiful. Bigger is better. And believe you us, this is doubly true when it comes to buttocks! It's no coincidence that all women want to have beautiful and perfect butts. Unfortunately for us, it often requires a huge effort, hours spent in the gym, a balanced diet and also well-fitting clothes. The singer JLo, who works hard on herself, and is one of the few who can boast a well-shaped, natural butt, could tell you all about it. Then there’ 46-year-old Larsa Pippen, whose round buttocks in a neon swimsuit lit up the entire Miami coast last Friday.

Beyonce se take může pochlubit velmi atraktivním pozadím

Honestly, though, there aren't many celebrities left with natural butts! And so we decided to also rate all the other asses that move the world these days...

Not everything goes the way we want. But the good news is it only takes a couple of dozen minutes for a skilled surgeon to shape a perfectly round bottom for you.

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Larsa Pippen v neonových plavkách na miamské pláži
Larsa Pippen v neonových plavkách na miamské pláži Source: Profimedia

Larsa Pippen is a model, TV star and Instagram influencer with two million followers. And she also happens to be the owner of a top-class butt, the ex-wife of basketball player Scottie Pippen, and a friend of Kim Kardashian, the owner of another awesome ass. Last Friday, this very woman, Larsa, was seen off the coast of Miami in the company of friends, and you couldn’t have failed to notice her - or her butt - if you tried. And both of them are often targeted by various media, which the model and businesswoman doesn’t care about in the slightest.

"I don’t care what anyone says. Every woman can love and live on her own terms. It’s got behind the scenes of my wild life, me showing off my personal favourite swimsuits and lingerie, and live chats and personal DM’s where we get to talk. I want to show women all over the world no matter where they are in life they can be sexy and successful!"

Larsa Pippen posted on her social networks.

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Kim Kardashian stojící v moři
Kim Kardashian stojící v mořiSource: Profimedia

Once a disgrace, today a necessity

In the past, rounded or even big butts were synonymous with beauty and a sign of well-being, especially in the culture of African American women. In contrast, in "white culture", big butts were considered unsightly and undesirable. A woman with a voluptuous ass was simply considered fat. But all this has definitely changed with the advent of the 21st century, and stars like J-Lo or Beyonce, characterized by their sizeable buttocks, have set a new trend, which is much discussed these days!

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Jennifer Lopez ve fialových elasťákách
Jennifer Lopez ve fialových elasťákáchSource: Profimedia

Now that Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are in the spotlight, body perception is changing in a dramatic way, and when it comes to the beauty of female behinds, a real revolution has been happening. You might find it surprising, but small and flat butts are out of fashion. For good!

Many women - mostly from Brazil and the US - are now undergoing surgeries that reshape their bodies into the form of The Venus of Dolní Věstonice, and wear padded underwear. What’s more, the fashion industry went as far as to offer special styles of jeans designed to lift even an ass as flat as a runway.

Luxusní byt 4+kk na prodej, Praha 7 – 296m
Luxusní byt 4+kk na prodej, Praha 7 – 296m, Praha 7

Fitness is not the only way

Probably the first to boast a really beautiful and perfectly round ass was Jen Setler, an influencer who built her career not only on exercise and Instagram, but also on her nice and firm butt. She even won the title of "Best Butt on the Internet".

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Jen Selter, idol internetu
Jen Selter, idol internetuSource: Profimedia

With that, a light-skinned woman took over the baton, and the concept of the female behind took on a whole new dimension.

And so what used to be considered highly undesirable and was frequently mocked by comedians became something that is considered a symbol of perfection. But how perfect is it really?

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1, Praha 1

Where does perfection begin?

Personally, as a fitness trainer, I see a double standard here. Sure, shaping your butt to achieve a certain form and size through training is great, and it's sure to boost every woman's confidence. Specially made trousers with silicone stripes on the inside to lift a round butt, why not - but a surgery? Moreover, many of those who chose to go under the knife definitely didn’t stick to the motto "Everything in moderation!" As a result, we often see plain ugly asses that immediately strike you as odd-shaped and totally incompatible with the figure of their owners as a whole.

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Nicky Minaj v šatech a lá body
Nicky Minaj v šatech a lá bodySource: Profimedia

But to each their own. It’s up to each of us to make decisions our appearance, and if someone likes it, it's purely their business.

Honestly, though. It got a bit out of hand and butts literally turned into a fitness obsession! Women's obsession with their buttocks is on the rise, and experts are shaking their heads in disbelief.

Butts in numbers

The existence of a "butt" cult is further evidenced by the fact that butt augmentation was one of the most desired cosmetic surgeries in 2020, when about 1,200 women underwent it and the total number increased by as much as 22% compared to the previous year, and by as much as 77.6% compared to 2015. In their desire for perfect buttocks, women are willing to pay a fortune - prices start at £ 8,000, which is almost 240,000 crowns.

Butt surgery takes about 2-3 hours and is one of the more dangerous cosmetic surgeries. However, it is a much faster way of shaping one’s buttocks compared to regular exercise in combination with a suitably chosen diet. Achieving the desired form and size of your but through training requires hard work 2-3 times a week for half a year, with exercise routines focused purely on activating your gluteal muscles.

Maybe that's why many women prefer to take the route of cosmetic surgery, thanks to which they get all the gain without the pain. A great example is Kylie Jenner, in whose case you simply can't help but notice not only her buttocks, but her artificially altered body in general.

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Kylie Jenner ukazující své vnady v plavkách
Kylie Jenner ukazující své vnady v plavkáchSource: Profimedia

Butts, butts, butts everywhere!

Lots of fitness centres have focused their classes on building a well-shaped behind. This is evidenced by the fact that the hottest gym in the world is supposedly the Los Angeles Bünda: a Portuguese slang word for the ass, literally "home of a better ass" - a gym entirely dedicated to working on your butt. It promises a "total body change":

"Once you reach" Bünda, you'll never look back... and if you do, then only to make a great selfie,"

claims one of the local coaches.

However, this trend hasn’t affected only the United States - British fitness centres offer a number of lessons focused only on the buttocks too, such as "BadAss" or "Kylie Butt Lift" - named after the world-famous singer.

The culture of exercise has certainly changed. What used to be considered ugly and what people had to be ashamed of in the past, is nowadays something most women want to be proud of and boast about Emphasis on a firm or "juicy" behind has recently overtaken flat stomach as the holy grail of fitness in women's health magazines.

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Modelka Candice Swanepoel v oranžových bikinách
Modelka Candice Swanepoel v oranžových bikináchSource: Profimedia

"People bring me a photo of exactly the butt they want, and I, as a coach and the person who is supposed to help them on the path to a healthy lifestyle, have to oppose a little: Alright, let's try to analyze the picture together,"

says personal trainer Kelechi Okafor.

"This isn’t a butt you can achieve by hard and diligent exercise. This butt was created by the skilful hands of a cosmetic surgeon, because it’s impossible to train just one part of our body. And here, as you can see, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles are almost non-existent,”

he adds.

"Then it's up to me to take a step back in the right direction and try to explain to them that not everything the media presents is a reality that can be achieved without help."

Butts, butts and once again butts - this topic is not reserved for fitness centres. The queen of cosmetic surgery and reality show starlet, Chloe Ferry, could tell you all about it. Look at the photos of her showing her charms on a beach in Portugal and judge for yourselves - can this still be considered a gift from God...?

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Nicky Minaj v průsvitných šatech
Nicky Minaj v průsvitných šatechSource: Profimedia

And one more question - does it still look good?

The right form of training as a way to success

However, a number of fitness experts believe that the trend is not just about aesthetics, and are of the opinion that proper activation of the gluteal muscles just before a training session fully activates effective calorie burning during the training itself and helps to maintain posture. Pilates trainer Hollie Grant agrees:

"Any form of buttock activation helps people return their pelvis to a more neutral position. Most people don’t engage the straight gluteal muscles the way they should, they spend a lot of time sitting, due to which the muscles lengthen and stretch, becoming inactive. The result is weakened buttocks and a sore back."

The prototype of a healthy-looking butt is definitely Jennifer Lopez, who exercises regularly and takes good care of her body. She knows very well that a fine looking body requires a certain amount of effort.

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JLo - vrací se Ben Affleck také k jejímu zadku?
JLo - vrací se Ben Affleck také k jejímu zadku?Source: Profimedia

A fine-looking ass isn’t the only reason you should exercise!

Yes, that’s right. If your gluteal muscles are inactive, sooner or later your knees and lower back will begin to ache. Buttocks also need to be strengthened in women who are after childbirth, the reason being the elongation of their muscles during pregnancy due to the hormone relaxin.

Thanks to proper activation of the gluteal muscles, as buttocks are officially called, you’ll increase the effectiveness of the training itself, especially in the case of running or basic complex exercises such as squats or deadlifts.

Jim Pate, the chief physiologist at the Center for Health and Human Performance in London, agrees that activating our buttocks is something we should all focus on.

"The exercises for gluteal muscles are largely complex, which in practice means that they use more muscle groups, including the core, which in turn affects not only how straight you will stand, but also how painlessly you will be able to move."


Social networks are a whole different story. You get to see the most gorgeous butts there, but the question remains how much those pictures have in common with reality.

One of the most admired butts in the world is the one that belongs to Kylie Jenner, a starlet that rose to fame thanks to participating in a home reality show, who - wonder of wonders - really didn’t gain her firm bum through hard training and hours spent in the gym. Kylie is a perfect picture of how skilled the hands of a plastic surgeon can be.

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Candice Swanepoel
Candice Swanepoel Source: Profimedia

Her sister, Kim Kardashian, most certainly took the same route, but she has never confirmed the speculation that her butt wasn’t real. Kim's bum came to prominence in 2014, when her photo adorned the cover of The Paper magazine as a tribute to Jean-Paul Goude Grace Jones' controversial photos entitled "Break the Internet" - the photo achieved what the headline suggested, gaining millions of likes within a day. It was literally a viral sensation.

But Kim herself says:

"My bum is purely the result of hard training and self-denial, don't look for the work of plastic surgeons here."

However, experts agree that you can’t gain such a butt in the gym, when no muscles can be found on the rest of your body.

One thing is certain, though. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are taking full advantage of their assets! Thanks to their bums, they are successful on social media, perform sensual shows on stage and are imitated by millions of women around the world. Isn’t there something wrong with it, though?

Genetic lottery

On the one hand, plastic surgery or hard work, on the other hand, genetics. Candice Swanepoel, one of Victoria's Secret's most famous models, could tell you all about it - a single look at her stunning, flawless body and you know why her buttocks are rightly considered one of the most gorgeous ones in the world!

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Kim Kardashian nedávno představila kolekci stahovacího prádla
Kim Kardashian nedávno představila kolekci stahovacího prádlaSource: Profimedia

Swanepeol can consider herself lucky that genetics is on her side, as she’s not a huge fan of excessive exercise:

"Of course, I work out, it’s sort of a necessity in my line of work, but I owe my curves mainly to family predispositions. I'm lucky - I was born with a relatively fast metabolism. And if I'm sinning, then I'll have a large portion of vegetables with the fries. It's all about the right balance."

She certainly won the genetics lottery.

Whatever the trends are when it comes to butts, one thing’s for certain. Choose the kind you like, because you deserve to live in a body you can feel 100% satisfied with!

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