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CALIFORNIA DREAM: Let us plan your next vacation! Favorite spots of the famous as well as national parks!

Eva Ledecká
12.Feb 2020
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3 minutes

Beautiful, famous, luxurious and legendary... California boasts all of these attributes! Let us take you on a wonderful journey across this incredible piece of land that belongs to the famous, beautiful and rich!

We're landing in San Francisco, also known as THE CITY! Once we've rented a red cabrio, our adventure can start...

The famous Golden Gate Bridge and the indomitable Alcatraz fortress welcome us from afar! Why can't we be so lucky as Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee, Tom Hanks, Courtney Love or Steve Jobs, who were born here? There's so much to see!

San Francisco TOP 5

Lombard Street - the most winding street in the world

Golden Gate - the most famous American bridge

Pier 39 - a harbor pier, which is home to a colony of sea lions

Alcatraz - a famous fortress

Alamo Square - an incredible view of colorful Victorian houses and skyscrapers in the distance

You can fly to San Francisco from Prague with one transfer for about 25,000 CZK.

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Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate BridgeSource:

San Francisco has revealed to us its TOP 5, so we'll gobble up a few burgers before the journey and set off to fulfill our California dream!

With the Pacific Ocean on our right and the San Francisco Bay on our left, we're headed for the Pacific Coast Highway, a road that leads all the way to the south of California along the coast and offers some of the most beautiful views in the world!

Santa Cruz - a mecca for surfers

We stop at Santa Cruz, a renowned surfing area that's bound to charm everyone!

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Pobřeží Kalifornie
Pobřeží KalifornieSource:

Back in the day, it even charmed Alfred Hitchcock, the famous director, who owned a luxury house on 200 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where he and his wife Alma held lavish parties for such personalities as Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman or Prince Rainier.

And if, over time, you happen to get bored of the view of the wide blue ocean, you can visit the well-known theme park Boardwalk. Why wouldn't you? It's still a long way to Disneyland!

South of Santa Cruz, we turn the wheel inland.

America's National Parks will take your breath away!

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Silnice v Death Valley
Silnice v Death ValleySource:

There are several national parks in California. We are about to visit three of them.

Kings Canyon

This national park is famous for its breathtaking deep canyons and tall redwoods.


To the south of Kings Canyon lies the Sequoia NP, where you can spot another superstar: the largest tree in the world, General Sherman Tree! It is 275 feet tall (imagine a 27 storey building) and has 36 feet in diameter!

Death Valley

The best comes last: Death Valley. In the Death Valley, you'll hve a chance to walk through the desert, see the salt fields, and reach the lowest place in North America - Badwater Basin, 86 meters below sea level!

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

Off to Los Angeles, the cradle of the film industry!

Whoever means something in the movie industry left a mark in LA. And you can totally feel it every step you take. After all, this is the place where nameless faces turn into world famous stars! Hollywood is a world of its know. You never know who you're passing by on the street! A famous director, cameraman, screenwriter, actor, or just a random guy who's trying his luck, hoping that he'll finally make his big breakthrough this year?

These are the favorite spots of the famous!

It's time to let a bit of wind into your wallets and soak up some of the Hollywood atmosphere. You're very likely to meet a celebrity in one these luxury joints!

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ClooneySource: Profimedia

The Ivy Restaurant

The restaurant at Robertson Boulevard attracts the entire Hollywood like a magnet. We could easily be tempted by the renowned cocktails they serve here, too!

Bar Marmont

This hotel bar on Sunset Boulevard is another legendary venue near the Sunset Strip. If you stay here long enough, you might meet Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio.

Beverly Hills Hotel

Get a taste of the good old Hollywood in this hotel bar on Sunset Boulevard! Both Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor used to come here. The private boxes and dim lighting are ideal for intellectual conversation and closing big business deals. Mary Louise Parker and Natalie Portman frequent the bar these days.

The Craig's

This is where the young, restless and wealthy of L.A. like to hang out. Kim Kardashian and George Clooney are regular quests here.

Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Want to feel like a famous star? Stay at the stylish Santa Monica Proper Hotel!

Meanwhile, we are finishing our last cocktail in the City of Angels and saying good-bye. However, some dreams tend to repeat themselves over and over, and we'd like to believe this is one of them!

Until next time, sweet California!

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