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Café Louvre with its wonderful Art Nouveau style has been attracting lovers of great coffee, superb desserts and delicious meals since 1902.

Café Louvre: café from the time of the First Republic still attracts visitors today

Eva Ledecká
20.Oct 2016
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Interior of Café Louvre

It is above all the famous history and pleasant atmosphere of this café, which has always been patronised by important artists, writers and thinkers, which attract the people of Prague and tourists to pay it frequent visits.

Social significance of Café Louvre

One of the most famous First Republic cafés in Prague opened its doors in 1902, already at that time under the name Café Louvre. It became popular among ladies from the higher social classes and was patronised by personalities such as Karel Čapek, Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein. They and many other important people became regular visitors to this popular and luxurious café. The Czech actor Eduard Vojan (1853-1920) for example used to have his own regularly reserved table here.

Important meetings were also held in Café Louvre. President T. G. Masaryk also graced the café with his visit in 1952, when he was invited there for the general meeting of the Czechoslovak Centre of PEN Club which Karel Čapek was the chairman of.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Café Louvre was also used by the writers of the time as an office, a fact which is proven by correspondence between the writers and publishers of the time written on the headed paper of Café Louvre.

End of the heyday of Café Louvre and its current appearance

The heyday of Café Louvre ended in 1948, when operations were interrupted by the Communist putsch. The café was closed, the fixtures and fittings destroyed. The café was not reopened until 1992 after the devastated premises had undergone major renovation. The current interior is a little different from the original building, but you can still admire ceiling and wall decorations from the 1930s here. The café is a place sought out by important people today too, who enjoy meeting here for a coffee, lunch or dinner.

Opening of Galerie Louvre has also contributed to an increase in the number of people visiting the café. Over an area of 400 m², it is possible to view and purchase works by contemporary Czech artists.

The café is open from 8.00 a.m. and apart from superb breakfasts, it also offers a wide range of daily papers. The premises are complemented by several lounges and billiards in the billiard hall. The café also has a luxurious summer garden offering a pleasant place to sit.

An expert panel judged Café Louvre in the Czech Bar Awards 2012 competition, in which it won first prize. The judges performed their evaluation according to 27 strict criteria ranging from behaviour of the staff and quality of drinks, right through to the atmosphere of the establishment as a whole.

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