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Urban Drivestyle was founded in 2015 by a group of friends living in Mallorca. They filled a big hole on the market and offered island visitors the chance to ride Unimoko electric bikes with a guide. This led to the creation of the coolest electric bike on the market yet!!

Buy Unimoke Electric Bike and You Won’t Need a Car!

Eva Ledecká
14.Jan 2018
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The Balearic Islands are known for their bumpy terrain, long beaches, hills and excellent surfing conditions. Every year, Mallorca and other islands are visited by thousands of tourists. Yes, most of them are relaxing in luxurious hotels and their only trip is to the nearest beach full of bars and restaurants. However, there are those who want to discover the whole island and catch big waves on a surfboard. These tourists are exactly why Unimoke was created in the first place.

Travel around Mallorca with a friend and a guide

Urban Drivestyle opened its first shop only in 2016 and it was a huge success. Soon the team came up with the idea to rent bikes with a guide. This became their main focus of their business. Quite a luxurious service, don’t you think?

The exclusive electric bike has no competitors yet!

You also buy the Unimoke electric bike and use it wherever you like. It is long and will easily fit two people! Enjoy some fun with this bike on the beach, going uphill or in the city.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

The extra-long Unimoke electric bike was created for fun but is also a great help in emergencies. When? For instance when you need to transport something. It is perfect for transporting heavy and large cargo, such as a surfboard, several pieces of luggage or heavy cargo in the added cart. It can overcome any type of terrain: bumpy road or sandy beach. It is also offered in several luxurious variants.

Indiegogo supports new and cool stuff

You can find these luxurious electric bikes at Indiegogo, which specializes in promoting new products, innovations and technologies on the market. On this website you can support a project you believe will be a big success in the future – and Unimoke is most certainly one of them!

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Urban Drivestyle
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